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When you enter a CLC World hotel room, lodge or apartment you feel immediately at home. Everything seems just right and that’s because all of the design elements are there: colour scheme, furniture, décor items and texture.

It’s the texture that lifts the room, gives liveliness to the space and makes it pop. But what do we mean by texture?

What is texture?

From a design perspective, texture is “the sensations caused by the external surface of objects received through the sense of touch.” In other words, how things feel. Think of the warm rug under your feet, sinking down into big cushions or the stone wall you’ll find in a Signature apartment.

To be honest, you don’t need to physically touch an item to sense the texture. As you can see in the image above, the texture is apparent and you can feel its power.

How does texture work?

Rough textures tend to make a space feel intimate and grounded, while smooth textures bring a sleeker more restrained tone to a room.

That’s why the CLC World designers give careful consideration to all design components when pulling together a new look. And it’s not just the items, but where they’re placed that makes a design successful.

Layering textures gives added effect. Putting a smooth texture directly next a rough one will make the rough object stand out and appear weightier. By using distance, interior designers are able to subtly adjust the visual weight of an object.

To summarise; by using textured items, whether a deep rug or a live edge coffee table, layering textures such as placing a plush cushion in a wicker basket, you bring the space to life.

Texture is the interior design component that elevates interiors to the next level.