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The Following Review is from a CLC Trial Member. 

Anybody living in England can appreciate how heavenly a few sunny spells are, let alone seven days of thirty degree heat. So when CLC World offered us a complimentary week on the Costa del Sol, my family and I were overwhelmed!

We had visited the resort the previous year, where a jolly, English representative had shown us around the 4 and 5 star accommodation, and whetted our appetites (as well as satisfying them, by treating us to breakfast!). Our first visit to the resort had been a short, winter break, to show us all it had to offer, and we were very impressed so thought we’d come back for some more!

Families of 7, admittedly, are not the easiest to accommodate or entertain, so we were not expecting to be presented with such a gorgeous apartment – beautifully designed, with stylish, spacious rooms and a balcony that was bigger than the suite itself! Of course, the Jacuzzi on the patio and the shimmering swimming pool just a few metres from our front door, both added to the excitement of my brothers and sister as the free taxi dropped us off outside our temporary home.

If the pool and the tub was all that was on offer in Malaga, I’m sure I would have been satisfied with simply wallowing in the water and the Spanish sunshine all week. But no, there was so much more on this fabulous resort. Everyone in my family was thrilled with the facilities – a diverse range of restaurants with friendly, welcoming atmosphere and mouth-watering meals for my foodie stepfather. A gym which featured tennis courts, and massage parlours, all appealing to my sporty younger brother. Evening entertainment including live music, flamenco dancing, horse shows and discos that I loved, and yes, widescreen TVs. We don’t have one at home, but we got the luxury of three in our apartment, to make up for our lack of modern technology; so even my unsociable, teenage stepbrother was happy. All this before you’ve even set foot outside of the resort!

We couldn’t believe how long we had tolerated British camping nightmares; the lack of space, awful weather and boredom are all a thing of the past. Holidays for our complicated family have finally become simple. Everyone was occupied and content, and it really was bliss. I could certainly get used to it!

Maybe next year we could fly away to central Africa, to experience a magical safari in Kenya? Or escape to Thailand for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, riding on the back of an elephant. We don’t necessarily need to wait until the summer though; we could attempt skiing in Austria, or celebrate the New Year in Scotland. The world is at our feet!

….But if I’m not feeling adventurous, I could always just go back to Spain to top up my tan!

Izzie Sempill