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Trade in Policy

1. If a member of Club La Costa Vacation Club (Member) should wish to buy one of the freehold/ whole ownership properties developed and owned by CLC World, that Member will be entitled to trade in up to 2000 (two thousand) Vacation Club Points (at the original price paid by that Member to CLC World) for a discount on the purchase price of the property (up to a maximum of 7% of the purchase price) subject to:
_ The Member must be a full member in good standing and up to date with all management fees at date of trade in.
_ The discount is only available for product/memberships bought directly from CLC World.
_ Any trade in is always subject to the availability of properties and to demand for areas and unit types.
Applications will be managed on a “first come first served “principle.
_ Where a Member has received more than one trade in entitlement at different times in my time with CLC World, the only valid one is the consolidated amount with the latest date. CLC World’s records will be the definitive record of entitlements.

2.1 Any agreed trade in value can be used only for a discount on a property developed, owned and listed by CLC World as available for trade in applications while stocks last.

2.2 No representations are made that any particular price range of or location of properties are, or will be, available.

2.3 The Member acknowledges that while CLC World plans to expand its property development business, nevertheless it cannot control factors such as land costs, interest rates and supply and demand. Some or all of these factors may affect the locations or price range of properties or make it commercially prudent without notice to withdraw or suspend future construction or promotion of properties, or their availability for trade in discounts, resulting in there being few or no properties to trade into.

2.4 Trade in values do NOT increase with time or inflation.

2.5 Members are not given advice in relation to investing in property. CLC World is not authorised to give financial advice. Holiday Membership is quite separate from any discussions about properties.

2.6 Loans/mortgages on properties are subject to individual status and application to the lender.

2.7 Trade in discounts are directly linked to a Member´s own membership and so cannot be used separately.

2.8 Any issues regarding rental and income from properties are matters for me to take up directly with the actual seller or marketer of the properties.

2.9 Member is responsible for and indemnifies CLC World against, any taxes, such as stamp duty, which may be due on the trade in discount.

2.10 Members should note that where they trade in part of their Membership, following the trade in, reservation entitlements will change meaning the Member should ensure he is left with sufficient to be able to reserve his holidays.

2.11 Miscellaneous:
(a) Information supplied on developments is for guidance and is indicative only and does not constitute a contract, representation or warranty or option to buy property. Changes may be made without prior notice. All subject to contract. Full details of final  properties project and services will be available on request and final details will be contained in any purchase contract.

(b) Other than used as described, this arrangement is not a voucher, there is no separate redemption value (face value is 0.0001 cents)

(c) In limited specific instances because of country specific legal or tax rules CLC World may need to impose limitations on applicability or its use in those countries.

(d) CLC Estates, CLC World and any associated companies and its related businesses (a) make no representation and give no warranty as to the accuracy of the information in this document and accept no liability for any errors, misprints or omission herein (whether negligent or otherwise); (b) shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising as a result of any person acting or refraining from acting in reliance on any information contained therein; (c) are not licensed investment advisors; (d) all  information has been obtained solely from their own experiences as investors and is provided as general information only. No reader should rely solely on the information contained in this publication as it does not purport to be comprehensive or to render specific advice. As such it is not intended for use as a source of investment advice. All readers are advised to obtain competent advice from legal, accounting and investment advisors to determine their own specific investment needs. This document contains marketing advice and information and is not a financial communication. Property value can decrease as well as increase. We are not authorized to provide investment or financial advice. Neither this nor any other communication from CLC World is intended to be, or should be construed as, an invitation or inducement (direct or indirect) to any person to engage in investment activities.

“CLC” is a generic branding with promotions carried out in the following territories by CLC World operating companies.

1 May 2007 Freehold “trade ins” 2.