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CLC Trenython Manor


Resort opening date: TBC

Updated: Friday 12th June 2020

As part of CLC World’s Safe Hands initiative, there are a number of resort protocols in place to ensure that your stay with us is both safe and enjoyable.

We would also like to share with you some of the government regulations for Cornwall which you will need to bear in mind when not on resort.

For yours and the CLC World team’s safety, all CLC World team members are wearing PPE in accordance with established guidelines and regulations in the hotel industry. CLC World has also installed screens at high contact points around the resort.

Please ensure that you maintain the recommended physical distance between yourself and non-family members at all possible times.

CLC Trenython Manor is Covid-19 secure [link to poster]

We hope you enjoy your holiday!

General Destination
  • Guests are advised not to travel on public transport unless absolutely necessary. It is compulsory to wear masks on public transport.
  • 2 metres physical distancing is recommended between non-family members.
  • Masks to be worn in the main building at all times.
Check In

All Guests will be contacted prior to arrival with details on arrival and check in procedures.


  • Guests to call Reception once outside their lodge.
  • Card payment details will be taken and stored on the Secure Trading Site, and any dog stay fees charged.
  • Reception will provide the Key Box access number.
  • Guests will find their registration card and arrival information on the dining table.
  • All contact with Reception is to be made via telephone. Direct contact to be made only in an emergency.

Hotel Rooms

  • Guests to call reception once outside the main Manor.
  • Card payment details will be taken and stored on the Secure Trading Site.
  • Room keys and map of where room is situated will be placed on a table at the base of the main staircase for collection.
  • The registration card and arrival information will be placed on dressing table in the hotel room.
  • Entry into the main Manor and hotel rooms is via a one way system which must be adhered to. When going up/down the staircase to the 2nd floor please ring the bell to alert other guests to ensure social distancing.


  • All accommodation will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using approved cleaning products.
  • Once the accommodation has been disinfected there will be a seal on the door to be removed on entry by the guest.
  • A number of soft furnishing items have been removed to increase hygiene protocol, e.g. bed throws, cushions, rugs.


  • The lodges are fully equipped with a personal kitchen and a supply of linen and towels.
  • All lodges will be provided with CLC World Grocery Welcome Pack. Enhancements are available on request.
  • There are no mid-week cleans for lodges.
  • Linen changes or requests for towels due to soiling will be delivered to your door without staff entering.
  • All rubbish must be double bagged and placed in the Bee Hives to the front of each lodge.
  • Upon departure, place all linen and towels in the bath/shower for collection and leave the unit in as tidy a state as possible to facilitate the changeover before the arrival of the next guests.
  • Keys to be left in the key box and a call placed to Reception to confirm departure.

Hotel Rooms

  • Please leave ‘make up our room’ sign when the room is vacated and a clean/service is required. Any room without a sign will not be serviced. Servicing will be carried out between 9am and 1pm only.
Bars & Restaurants
  • The main restaurant will remain closed.
  • Bar and Terrace seating will be arranged to allow physical distancing.
  • A takeaway service is available with orders and payment made via telephone against the payment card stored in the Secure Trading System. Laminated menus will be provided in all accommodation.

Lodge Deliveries:

  • Guests will be called when the order is ready and it will be dropped off outside lodge accommodation.

Hotel Deliveries:

  • Guests will be called when the order is ready and can be collected from the bar and taken to the Guest Lounge for eating. Seating will be arranged to allow for physical distancing.
  • Hotel Guests will be able to pre-order (day before) Breakfast boxes, Picnic Boxes, Afternoon Tea Boxes and beverages.
Communal Areas (incl. pools)
  • Guests entering the main Manor must wear a mask at all times in communal areas.
  • CLC World maintenance and cleaning teams ensure communal areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected using approved chemicals.
  • Areas of high contact are sprayed and disinfected frequently by the CLC World team.
  • Hand sanitisers/gels are available throughout the resort. Guests are encouraged to wash hands regularly with soap and use the hand sanitisers/gels.

Leisure Centre

  • Any Guest/Leisure member who wishes to use the pool area or gym must book an hour slot through Reception or the Club Manager.
  • There will be a 15 minute gap between each session for changing rooms to be cleaned.
  • A maximum of 4 ladies and 4 gentleman allowed in each session.
  • Entrance is via the Leisure Door; everyone must sanitise at hand pump in entrance upon entrance and exit.
  • Leisure staff will maintain physical distancing, but will carry masks in case closer contact is required.
  • Poolside cleaning will continue during each session.
Excursions & Activities
  • None available
Check Out
  • All items ordered during guest’s stay will be charged at the time of the order. Guests will receive a copy of their invoice (for the entire duration of their stay) by 9pm the evening prior to departure, via email.
  • Upon departure, Guests to call reception and leave the keys in the key box (lodge) or in the Hotel room.

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