CLC World resorts & Hotels



It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to compare the holiday alternatives available in the marketplace with CLC World membership – only to discover the many advantages that membership provides.

Holiday hotels can charge high prices – especially if you need an extra room for the children – and don’t necessarily guarantee the same quality accommodation or anything like the range of facilities you would find at a CLC World resort. With a CLC World membership you can be certain that the standards you’ll experience at every one of our resorts will be excellent.

CLC World membership opens up a host of diverse holiday experiences and destinations – worldwide.

Villa rentals can also be highly expensive, and while you may like the total privacy they offer, there are always quiet corners to be found in a CLC World resort, with plenty to keep other members of your party entertained while you simply relax with a good book.
Membership also opens up a host of diverse holiday experiences and destinations – worldwide. Of course, a very distinct part of any CLC World holiday is the service and welcome given by our staff – something the company is very proud of. Our members come from all walks of life and most European countries, and are united in their choice of holiday provider and desire for quality assured holidays.

Of the many advantages linked to CLC World membership, is the high standard of accommodation – in apartments, penthouses, lodges and townhouses – which is usually much higher than that of package holiday hotels. Self-catering kitchen facilities come equipped for preparing light or even full scale meals. Resort facilities go well beyond swimming pools to include such things as spas, fitness centres, multi-sports courts, golf, live entertainment, kids’ clubs, daily activities programmes, shops, excursions, aqua parks and more.

Once you start making the comparison with other forms of holiday taking and calculating the cost – you’ll find that nothing really compares with CLC World membership!