CLC World resorts & Hotels

CLC World Resorts & Hotels Your F&Qs answered

What is CLC World Resorts & Hotels?

CLC World Resorts & Hotels is one of Europe’s leading independent operators of hotels and resorts. These award-winning resorts are located in some of the world’s most desirable locations, including Orlando in the U.S., the Canary Islands, the Costa del Sol, coastal regions along the spectacular Aegean coast, Austria’s Alps, in picturesque Cornwall, England, and among striking scenery in Perthshire, Scotland.

How do you win CLC World Free Holiday Accommodation?

Winning CLC World Free Holiday Accommodation is easy, simply register and, if selected, you will then be invited to one of our CLC World Resorts & Hotels Travel Centres. As a thank you for your time, you’ll receive a voucher for one week’s free accommodation at one of several CLC World Resorts & Hotels – it really is as simple as that.

Who are CLC World Resorts & Hotels?

CLC World Resorts & Hotels was established in 1984, providing tailor-made holidays for long-time members and first-time clients. A family owned business built on strong foundations, CLC World has some 35 years’ experience in the holiday business. Throughout the years the aim of CLC World Resorts & Hotels has remained the same, to always exceed your expectations. Today, CLC World offers a dynamic and diverse collection of international resorts and hotels.

What is a CLC Travel Centre?

CLC World Resorts & Hotels has four CLC Travel Centre’s conveniently located in London, Manchester, the Cotswolds, and Milton Keynes. During a 90-minute presentation here you’ll discover everything that CLC World Resorts & Hotels offer. Once you have attended a CLC Travel Centre you’ll then receive a voucher for one week’s free accommodation.

What does CLC World Stand for?

CLC World Resorts & Hotels stands for excellence in everything we do. At CLC World Resorts & Hotels we believe that the cornerstone of a great holiday begins with fabulous accommodation, which is why CLC World Resorts & Hotels are carefully considered and professionally designed living spaces, boasting amazing vistas and first-class facilities, including wonderful restaurants, fully equipped fitness centres, and relaxing spas. At CLC World Resorts & Hotels we offer our members the best property ownership products at a choice of our stunning resorts.