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Europe’s most dynamic and innovative holiday membership company, CLC World is forever expanding its portfolio of holiday destinations and holiday experiences.

Trial Membership is offered as a means of ‘test driving’ our product, enjoying holidays at a choice of 50 resorts worldwide over almost 3 years.

An overwhelming majority of families who do this choose to go on to full membership, with its many benefits, special offers and discounts, and some progress even further to fractional or whole ownership of a dream CLC World holiday home in places that include England, Scotland, southern Spain, Turkey and the USA.

Vacation Club is our highly sophisticated Points based club, a unique system of holiday taking developed by CLC World in the 1990s and which continues to develop to enhance the benefits and privileges available to our members.

Hugely popular, Vacation Club is a means for families and couples to create exactly the holidays they want, choosing from over 100 beautiful resorts in exciting destinations with all sorts of flexibility to borrow now, or save Points for later.

Vacation Club membership also underpins our most innovative products, such as CLC Fractional Property Owners Club which combines flexible, carefree holiday taking and a stake in property ownership, all in one.

CLC World members get great value for money, flexibility and choice, excellent quality apartments, superb facilities, and attentive service.

Once you experience the culture of our resort holidays, with their focus on not just meeting but exceeding your expectations, you will not look back.

As a CLC World member you secure excellent value for money and many years of stylish holidays that fit your lifestyle.