The Smile Foundation –

recognising dedication and love

In November last year, the VA Fundación, a foundation which looks to promote social cohesion through cultural activities and also to help those in need, donated €1,000 to The Smile Foundation.

Through the work of an Ambassador for The Smile Foundation, this donation was passed onto the mother of Irania, a young lady who suffers from a congenital malformation of the heart.

Unfortunately, following surgery on Irania’s heart there was an infection and a subsequent operation resulted in brain damage and further complications. As a result, Irania requires round-the-clock care.

Irania’s mother, Mária del Mar, is her sole carer, as well as looking after her two siblings. The Smile Foundation Ambassador has seen Mária’s dedication to and love for Irania through the most difficult of circumstances and said, “Mária’s dedication is a fine example of how to live and for that she has my regard and respect. It was for this reason that I put Mária and Irania forward to The Smile Foundation.”

One of the many difficulties facing Mária is transporting Irania from one place to another, and the €1,000 contribution will go towards a car which is more suitable for Irania and her needs.

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