The Smile Foundation – raising
much-needed funds for charity

When an item in your wardrobe has outlived its usefulness (either it´s worn out or bits of you are a little bigger than they used to be) not many of us automatically think of donating it to charity.

But in his role as Ambassador for our charitable organisation, The Smile Foundation, which is involved in projects local to Málaga and Tenerife, Hernan Lara is the man you want to call. Working at Club La Costa World, he´s been collecting these items from our big-hearted staff for 15 years now.

The beneficiary is the palliative care charity Cudeca which is using them to raise much-needed funds. Said Hernan: “The more clothing we can give to Cudeca the more money they can raise. It´s as simple as that. Everyone has been very generous but there´s always more that can be done.”

Cudeca´s shops coordinator, Katie O´Neill, says the donations from our staff are very important to their operation in the Málaga province.

“Our shops bring in about a third of the yearly income for Cudeca and we are able to raise all those funds thanks to donations from the community.”

Hernan declares himself ready, willing and able to do a pick-up whenever the need arises proving CLC World team members know what it means to ‘spread a little happiness’.