The Smile Foundation helps
raise €2,562 for Cystic Fibrosis

CLC World’s charitable organisation, The Smile Foundation, has put €1,000 towards a football tournament aimed at raising money for a vital cause on the Costa del Sol.

The Cystic Fibrosis Association of Málaga helps sufferers living with what is a very debilitating genetic condition. To give them a much-needed funding boost, the tournament was held in the end of September at Raquetas de Mijas with teams of up to seven players paying €100.

As an added bonus, a raffle was held offering as the main prize a football which had been signed, among others, by the former Spanish national football team manager and Real Madrid legend, Vicente del Bosque.

The event was declared a success with a total of €2,562 raised which means that the charity can pay for 85 sessions of specialist respiratory physiotherapy.

This is needed by many sufferers to help clear the lungs of a mucus build-up, caused by the condition, which leads to breathlessness and serious infections.

Its importance is summed up by their slogan which hints at the lifesaving necessity of the treatment:
“You breathe without thinking…
Me…I only think about breathing.”