The Smile Foundation donates accommodation to young Cerebral Palsy sufferer

Set up by CLC World Resorts & Hotels in 1999, The Smile Foundation has been helping local organisations along the Costa del Sol ever since, expanding to Tenerife later on. Through numerous fundraising activities, sponsorship days and donations, The Smile Foundation has supported causes ranging from neonatal care equipment and kitchen fittings to accommodation for those convalescing from treatment in hospital.

The recently-opened, state-of-the-art F. Cruz Dias ADIMI centre, costing €2.6million, provides day centre care for the profoundly disabled. Professional and medical staff man a selection of therapy rooms, gymnasium, library and in-hospital care to give much needed respite care for families who devote their time to caring for their children. The centre also provides activities to help young people reach their full potential including speech therapy, reading skills and theatre, filling a void in local service provision.

Miguel López Jordán, who suffers from cerebral palsy, stayed at Benal Beach whilst receiving treatment at Xanit hospital. He and his family were shown round the incredible facilities with The Smile Foundation Trust Member Salvador Diaz Lario and spoke with the ADIMI President about how Miguel could benefit from their expert care. Both Miguel’s parents, Monica and Jose, were impressed with the facilities and have confirmed their interest in becoming members.

Proof, if any were needed, as to the importance of The Smile Foundation’s work and how it really does help improve people’s quality of life.