The Smile Foundation Donates Accommodation for Child Receiving Treatment at Xanit Hospital

Miguel López Jordán, 8 years old, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy and associated conditions, received treatment during December 2016 and January 2017 at Vithas Xanit Internacional through the Vithas Xanit Regenerative Centre. To enable Miguel to receive the treatment The Smile Foundation, CLC World Resorts & Hotel’s (CLC World) charity, generously donated accommodation for Miguel and his mother at the Benal Beach resort in Benalmádena.

Miguel’s treatment – Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) – involves the introduction of 100% oxygen into the body within a pressurised room. The patient then breathes in pure oxygen for determined periods of time. Mónica Jordán Rodríguez, Miguel’s mother, says that the treatment,

“has improved Miguel’s mobility – with less retraction of his limbs he is able to stretch out and grasp things with his hands. His ability to communicate has also improved with more rapid and clear speech.”

The treatment is expensive and not available within close proximity of Miguel’s home in Baza, Granada, and was kindly donated by the Vithas Xanit Centre for Regenerative Medicine. The added expense of accommodation also means that the treatment is not economically viable for the family on a regular basis. José Luis Mella, President of The Smile Foundation, explained,

“When we heard of the problems faced by Miguel and his family, we were only too happy to provide accommodation for them at CLC World resort, Benal Beach. Seeing the improvement in Miguel’s wellbeing demonstrates how worthwhile this has been.”

Mónica added,

“We are very grateful for the help we received from The Smile Foundation. It is very sad that people’s health and my son’s quality of life are given a monetary value, especially when the treatment makes such a positive difference to Miguel.”

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