Supporting bereaved families

Partnering with Bodie Hodges Foundation

The Bodie Hodges Foundation offers respite holidays for families bereaved of a child. It was natural, therefore, that CLC World Resorts & Hotels, through our charitable initiative CLC World Charity Holidays, would partner with the foundation.

Nick Hodges is the founder of Bodie Hodges Foundation which he set up after the death of Bodie, his 10-month-old son. Bodie died from a choking accident in 2012.

“He was rushed into hospital where for the next 4 to 5 days he put up an incredible fight for his life”, says Nick. “Sadly, we knew that Bodie had fought his fight; it was then we were approached about him becoming an organ donor.”

Following the success of Bodie’s organ donation, which helped save the lives of 4 children, the family keenly felt his loss. It was during this “dark time”, when they were “struggling to find any sense” that friends offered them the chance to get away and spend some time at their holiday home in Spain.

As Nick says, “It was one of the toughest weeks we’ve ever had. But it also did us good. It gave us time as a family, with our 5-year-old daughter, to try and start to rebuild, and create new memories. It made a big difference to the way we started our grieving process.”

As a result of their time away, Nick and his wife Donna set up the Bodie Hodges Foundation with the aim of providing, for families bereaved of a child, free respite in a relaxing and safe environment that allows for peace and reflection.

The Foundation has subsequently raised enough funds for Bodie’s Boathouse which they describe as, “very important for siblings who are dealing with their own grief, as well as watching their parents and loved ones grieve too. Everyone grieves differently and in their own way and so we have designed Bodie’s Boathouse to be a tranquil retreat and a place to explore and make memories.”

The CLC World Charity Holidays initiative is designed to give those who need it most a break from their circumstances. Through our partnership with Bodie Hodges Foundation, we are supporting bereaved families with the offer of free accommodation. The feedback from families who’ve stayed at CLC Club La Costa World and the Foundation’s boathouse at Tallington Lakes is that it’s made a huge difference; to take time out and refresh themselves for the ongoing battle once they return to normal life.

“CLC Club La Costa World caters really well for children; there’s plenty for them to do and the staff are fantastic”, Nick commented. “Also, the location is excellent, with superb facilities and great food.

“It gives you the opportunity to do everything you want to, but at the same time it offers the opportunity for a family, who perhaps can’t face certain things”, he continued, “to spend time in their fantastically well-equipped apartments in luxury surroundings.”

CLC World’s Director of UK Operations, Graham Wilding, said: “We are pleased to work with Bodie Hodges Foundation, helping families during the most difficult of times.”

For more information on the work of Bodie Hodges Foundation, click here.