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Oliver’s Dream Went Swimmingly Well!

In May 2018, CLC Sunningdale Village welcomed Oliver Turner and his family to Tenerife for a Dreams Come True holiday.

Oliver had been diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumour, the most common form of kidney cancer in children, a couple of months before his 5th birthday. Oliver’s treatment was extensive and included surgery, radiotherapy and more than a year of chemotherapy.

For the chemotherapy and blood analysis, Oliver had a Hickman line inserted, which he nicknamed his ‘wigglies’!

Before his diagnosis Oliver had loved swimming but of course that was not possible with the Hickman line. Oliver said he wanted to go to a water park once his ‘wigglies’ were removed. After looking at a few places he decided upon Siam Park because of the sharks at the end of the Lazy River ride.

His mother Sam applied to Dreams Come True and with CLC World’s donation of a 7-night holiday at Sunningdale Village, Oliver and his family had a fantastic trip including Siam Park plus a whale and dolphin watching excursion.

As Oliver enjoyed his first ride through the aquarium on the Lazy River, the shark was directly above him. Oliver said the shark must have known they were coming and waited to say hello!
The boat trip was another amazing occasion for this young man; for half an hour they were surrounded by dolphins, which Oliver loved!

Sam said, “Oliver missed out on so much due to cancer and he never complains. We’ve made some very special memories on this holiday. Thank you.”