F. Cruz Dias ADIMI Centre officially open

CLC World Resorts & Hotels is proud to announce that the centre is already helping local disabled children and their families achieve a better quality of life.

CLC World co-founders Roy Peires and Francis Cruz Dias set up the company’s charity – The Smile Foundation – in 1999 to improve the lives of the people of Mijas and the Costa del Sol, later expanding to include Tenerife. In the same year, local Mijas charity ADIMI (Asociacion de Discapacitados Mijenos) was set up by the parents of numerous children with varying levels of disability to address a shortfall in provision by social services.

It became the dream of Cruz Dias to see the inauguration of an ADIMI centre, providing enhanced conditions and quality of life for disabled children and their families. As the major benefactor, CLC World – with ADIMI and generous donations of land and funds from the Ayuntamiento de Mijas and further donations from ONCE and the Diputacion de Malaga – made the dream a reality.

The event was well attended with a large cross-section of the Mijas business, social and political life of Mijas there to witness the official opening with the unveiling of commemorative plaques recording the event and in memory of Cruz Dias. Representatives of CLC World staff – who donate their own time, money and goods to so many causes – were present and all guests enjoyed a tour of the facility, which includes a library with generous donations of over 700 books from CLC World staff. The next generation of the CLC World founders were also present in the daughter of F. Cruz Dias, Jordana and Nicky Peires, son of Roy Peires.

Jordana Dias said, “This morning marked an extremely important day for me. I felt honoured as I represented my father at the inauguration of the F. Cruz-Dias ADIMI centre. I couldn’t think of a better way to pay tribute to him as he was renowned for his kind nature and compassion to others.”

The state-of-the-art centre, costing €2.6million, will provide day centre care for the profoundly disabled, professional and medical staff to man a selection of therapy rooms, gymnasium, library and in-hospital care to give much needed respite care for families who devote their time to caring for their children. The centre will also provide activities to help young people reach their full potential including speech therapy, reading skills and theatre, filling a void in local service provision.

José Luis Mella, President of The Smile Foundation, said:

“It has been some time since we laid the first stone, but it is worth the wait to see the arrival of hope for many families. We thank all of you that have helped make this a reality.”

CLC World genuinely cares about the welfare of children in Mijas and around the world. Through the efforts of The Smile Foundation and CLC World’s 2,000 employees we are working to help create a better society, and with the ADIMI centre, a better world for its users.

José Luis Mella continued, “It is our sincere wish that this is not the end of the CLC World and ADIMI story, that we can continue to work together and ensure the ongoing success of the F. Cruz Dias ADIMI centre with optimism and above all, no fear of the future.”