CLC Angels come out at Night

As far as popular work socials go, a Friday night spent volunteering at a homeless centre isn’t what immediately springs to mind. Yet this is exactly what seven inspirational colleagues from Promotions, Accounts and Club Operations recently did to support The Angels of the Night charity in Malaga.

Taking time away from their own lives to help others, they helped prepare food packs, serve hot drinks and talk to those in need at the centre. Over the course of a year, The Angels of the Night charity serve nearly 1 million meals to the needy.

Telemarketing Trainer Abie Taggart was one of the volunteers: “It was quite a heart wrenching experience but we had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of preparing the food, handing it out and talking to the people who came to eat there. Young and old, male and female, families and single people came to have the food and it was a pleasure being part of it.”

In addition to Abie, we would like to salute our other volunteers; Sophie Durbec, Benjamin Ottaway, Jeanette Usher, Melanie Heras Castaño, Antonio Bravo Muñoz and María José Blazquez Guzman.