39th Mijas Fair Race

The winner with her family

Over 700 runners took part in the 39th Mijas Fair race with three lucky participants hoping to win a CLC World-sponsored prize of mini-break accommodation.

The event, on 27th August, aims to bring together all ages and abilities with routes designed to ‘test the best’ while providing a gentler challenge for the not so fit.

Organiser Jesús Francisco Aguilera took over in 2012 and helped revitalise and relaunch this athletic festival.

Since then the number of competitors has steadily increased from 170 to over 700.

“The aim was to create a sports event that would bring together people of all ages and fitness levels,” said Jesús.

Its steady rise in popularity saw Olympic marathon runner Estela Navascués – newly returned from the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro – grace last year’s event.

As one of the featured sponsors, CLC World provided three mini-break accommodation stays as prizes which were raffled off at the end of the day’s athletic festivities.

Said Jesús: “I would like to thank CLC World and I’m looking forward to working together with you for the 40th edition.”