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World Environment Day (WED) is on 5th June and is one of the ways in which the world can come together to tackle environmental issues head-on.

In 2018 the theme is Beat Plastic Pollution, with a Call to Action to combat one of our greatest environmental challenges. Plastic does have its uses, but we’ve become over-reliant on single-use or disposable plastic, leading to severe environmental consequences.

Few will not have seen footage of the ‘Plastic Patch’ in the Caribbean or beaches clogged with pieces of plastic rubbish. Marine life is dying due to ingestion or because plastic has become wrapped round it. As plastic wears down and forms microbeads – though it takes at least 1,000 years for it to completely disintegrate – these make their way into our soil and our water supply.

The WED video shows a few ways in which we can make a difference in our day-to-day life, including:

  • Take your own shopping bags to the supermarket
  • Refuse plastic cutlery
  • Pick up any plastic you see when you’re next on the beach
  • Take a mug or drinks container to work and your local coffee shop
  • Buy glass bottles rather than plastic where possible

At CLC World Resorts & Hotels we consider the options when purchasing goods to influence both suppliers and reduce the amount of single-use plastic at our resorts.

What we’re doing at CLC World:

  • Cleaning products are bought in bulk and decanted into reusable cleaning bottles.
  • Our plastic straws are being replaced across the resorts to biodegradable ones. Our UK resorts led the way in 2017 by making that change and our Spanish resorts have followed suit this year.
  • Our resorts have recycling bins to encourage visitors to separate their rubbish so we can recycle.
  • In Cornwall, our takeaway food boxes are made from recycled cardboard and other resorts are currently looking into the different options.
  • In Spain (including Tenerife) bathroom toiletries come in recycled plastic containers, while at CLC Trenython Manor large refillable containers are used to minimise the waste from all those little bottles. (By the way, it’s still good quality toiletries!)

And it’s not just plastic issues we think about. For example, our Scottish resort CLC Duchally Country Estate has a number of green successes including growing from seeds plants to maintain the estate, protecting small mammals and reducing our carbon footprint.

What is important to us is that you have the best possible holidays with CLC World Resorts & Hotels, to have clean beaches and seas to swim in and to enjoy countryside unspoiled by waste – so let’s join the international conversation and help #BeatPlasticPollution.