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World Environment Day on 5th June is one of the ways in which the world can take a unified look at environmental issues, and in 2019 the theme is ‘Greening the Blue’ – encouraging countries to #beatairpollution.

At CLC Trenython Manor, Cornwall the idea of sustainability and self-sufficiency has been in the building’s bones since the beginning of the twentieth century. Originally constructed as a present for Colonel Peard in 1872, CLC Trenython Manor became a Great Western Railway convalescent home in 1906 and according to a local paper was, “a self-contained institution with its own water supply, own electric system and own sewage system.”

One of the many ways in which the resort helps reduce air pollution is by choosing seasonal and local produce wherever possible. Furthermore, the purchased foods are minimally packaged with the cartons and trays returned to the suppliers for reuse.

In addition, all food waste is composted. The resulting compost is used in the kitchen garden where the herbs, salads and vegetables included in the restaurant’s tasty dishes are grown. Of course, plants need insects in order to thrive and reproduce; CLC Trenython Manor has created a bug hotel for bugs to shelter, live and breed. Insects such as ladybirds are great to encourage in a garden as they eat aphids which can destroy plants and crops.

As well as endeavouring to act on World Environment Day suggested activities, CLC Trenython Manor has also taken into account the World Water Day 2019 theme: Leaving no-one behind. It has recently switched its bottled water supplier to Belu – a Social Enterprise business whose net profits help those in water poverty.

Working with the UK’s hotel, restaurant and catering sector, Belu uses British water selected for its natural purity and clean, crisp taste. Their lightweight ethical glass bottles – which are being used at CLC Trenython Manor – have a high recycled glass content (40% in 2017) and their collaboration right through the supply chain ensures they are the lightest on the market.

By switching to Belu, the resort now has a stylish bottle and clean-tasting water that maintains high standards for guests. Furthermore, CLC Trenython Manor is contributing to a company whose ethos is to take care of our natural resources whilst delivering a sustainable business. Belu partner with WaterAid “because they are global experts in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and are therefore the natural choice for Belu to ensure the most ethical and sustainable return on funds we invest to improve the global water crisis.”

Recently, the original rain harvesting water tanks – part of the old ‘self-contained institution’ – have been restored to working use and they feed another tank to provide water for flushing the toilets. When the water levels run low (not often the case in Cornwall!), the tank will switch to mains water until the harvested water reaches a suitable level again.

These are just a few of the ways in which CLC Trenython Manor has been working towards finding air pollution solutions plus balancing the need for water and the economy.

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