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You’re on your way to the sun-drenched beaches of Spain’s Costa del Sol, to a CLC World resort – at California Beach or Club La Costa World – and you want to taste and experience something of the real Spain.

We promise you there’s no better place to experience the three s’s…that’s sun, sea and sand, in a truly relaxing environment.

Food, rightly, is a big part of any holiday adventure. Everyone’s heard of tapas, but what’s this other thing, a chiringuito?

First things first, how do you even say this word?

You need to use the ‘g’ in guilty….not the ‘g’ in gel.
Then it’s ‘CHI-RIN-GEETO’…but ‘the bar on the beach’ will usually do.

What is a chiringuito?

Strictly speaking it’s the word for a temporary open air bar and snack bar, usually found on the beach in the holiday season. While some really are temporary – the owners making a virtue out of a few bits of tin, the odd palm frond and a few chairs – others are much more permanent, almost a feature of year-round life on the Costa del Sol, Malaga. Some of the nicest and longest-established restaurants on the entire coastline of Andalucia started out as chiringuitos.

Where are they?

On the beach! Or very near it. On the beaches near CLC World’s Costa del Sol resorts you can’t miss them. At the very least they’re between your car (if you’re hiring one) and the sea! Some of the very best, near CLC World in Malaga, are much-loved features of sea-front living and culture, frequented just as much by Spaniards living locally or on holiday as by the average tourist.

What do they sell?

Well, mostly fish frankly. We’re not talking haute cuisine here, but we are talking fresh! The ‘fish on your dish’ came out of the water you’re looking at and usually just a few hours before – sometimes not even that long. They also sell other foods of course, so if fish isn’t your thing you don’t have to worry.

Why should I go there?

They’re part of southern Spain’s coastline culture and there’s another thing you should know: the Spanish are one of the most family-friendly peoples on earth. So don’t worry about your boisterous youngsters making lots of noise. It’s fair to say the Spanish idea of a chat is a loud one, so no worries there. And check out the essential part of any chiringuito kitchen…the iconic rowing boat filled with sand.

The what??

A boat filled with sand. It’s to cook your food on – although they do it, not you. Just because the walls and roof (if it has either of those things) are definitely DIY, the cooking isn’t. You’ll see hot coals on a bed of sand and some long thin sticks. The sticks are used to skewer the ingredients of the chiringuitos’ most well-known dish – barbecued sardines. Four or five small fish are skewered with the sticks and usually covered in nothing more than a drizzle of olive oil and some salt. Hey presto! They’re yummy, we promise…

What’s the ambience like?

The ambience? Well, you’re on a beach blasted by the Andalucian sun, looking at a body of water that’s 5.9 million years old, it’s not tidal, laps the beaches of 21 different countries and you’re sipping anything from a coke to a powerball Mojito – and – this point needs stressing BEFORE you arrive – most Spanish bars don’t do piddly portion control when it comes to spirits! They can be noisy fun-filled places or quiet and laid back…that bit’s not so easy to control but you can have bags of fun finding out which is which! What more ambience d’you want?

Do they have websites?

Er, no. Well, actually, some do. At CLC World’s Costa del Sol resorts, California Beach and Club La Costa World, you can ask at reception for directions, and that’s because the staff have been to most of them. But you can also find them on Google which lists 20 within a short distance of CLC World’s Costa del Sol resorts!

The last piece of advice? Go and try one for yourselves. You’re guaranteed (almost) to enjoy it!