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Many of CLC World’s resorts are ideally located for a round or two of golf while CLC Kusadasi Golf & Spa has its very own 18-hole, par-72 course.

So, if you’re planning to tee off on holiday, here are some essential packing tips:

1. Make the most of your golf bag allowance

and pack your golf shoes, windbreaker, waterproofs, balls and tees in with your clubs. For example, Easyjet has a 20kg weight limit, so maximise it to the full.

golf bags2. Most of the courses insist on soft spikes,
so put at least one pair in your luggage.

3. You’ve got to look the part

and courses will insist on appropriate attire. Make sure you’ve got collared shirts, or a turtleneck if it’s the colder months, with long trousers or long shorts. Of course, if you want to be wacky with the colours and checks, feel free!

4. Whatever the weather…

you may think you’re guaranteed sunshine, or that it will be overcast and damp – but you can never be 100% certain. To avoid being caught out pack suntan lotion and waterproofs.

5. Handicap card/certificate.

Some golf clubs will insist on seeing your handicap card, others not; but once again it’s better to be safe than sorry.

6. Insect repellent is handy whether it’s Scottish midges or Spanish mosquitos – no one wants an irritating itch when they’re trying to sink a birdie putt.

7. Pack a pen or pencil to record your score.

If you’re planning on breaking the course record, you’ll need the proof!

Enjoy your holiday and have a good round!