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During 2020, we asked our Members for their feedback on three key areas of the CLC World experience:

  • Activities, excursions and experiences
  • Food and drink
  • Communications
  • Read on for summaries of the surveys’ findings and how CLC World will use the information to shape the service we provide to our Members.

    Activities, Excursions and Experiences

    Excursions and Experiences

    Local experiences are popular with 92% of respondents interested in discovering the local culture through cuisine (88%), general sightseeing (86%) and the natural surroundings (83%).

    These results were supported by interest in local food demos, cookery classes, local wine and beer tastings, local culture and local nature walks as suggestions for organised activities.

    There was a fairly even split between the desire for Group or Private Tours for off-resort excursions. We also posted a poll on Instagram asking our followers for their preference and that showed a tendency towards Private Tours (60%) for 2021 onwards.

    Team Marina Activities

    Exercise classes (65%), for example aqua aerobics and yoga, were a popular choice for adult activities. There was also support for ‘mind exercise’ in the form of quizzes (69%) and crafts (42%).

    The majority of our respondents were those who do not travel with children, meaning there was limited feedback regarding Team Marina’s children and teens activities. Those who did respond, said that fun and culture were the two most important aspects for their children with Team Marina.

    Wellness and Spa

    There was a neutral response across the board (5 on a scale of 1-10) for suggested activities such as meditation, nutrition, poolside massages. When asked whether Members would consider using the indoor gym on resort, again the result was a neutral 5.

    Our Commitment

    When CLC World restarts its activities and excursions programming, we will take the above into account to deliver a range of experiences both on and off resort that provides more local flavour and gentle exercise, as well as source options for private tours.

    Food and Drink

    Where and How

    We asked how often our Members would choose to eat in a particular environment; the result showed that most are unlikely to eat in the same place every day, though resort bars would remain very popular. CLC World accommodation is self-catering but overall there is still a desire to eat in resort and local restaurants, 3-6 days per week.

    A Take Away/Delivery Service would be used by more than half the respondents, once or twice a week with the favoured food being pizza.

    When asked to rank their preferred options for dining locations, an a la carte restaurant was first choice for more than a third, with self-catering coming second. Buffets are not such a popular choice though when asked if they would use a well-managed buffet, 76% of the respondents said they would.

    The options of mobile ice-cream vendors (70%), a dedicated coffee bar (79%) and poolside service (86%) were also considered desirable.


    An interesting finding was the desire for more local dishes, a healthy option choice, daily specials and tapas on the resort menus. Each of these options scored well over 80%.

    Our Commitment

    As we redesign our menus and food and beverage services, we will take into account the findings of this survey. CLC World had introduced tapas and sharing plates at Club La Costa World in 2019 which had proved extremely popular.



    98% of the survey’s respondents read the monthly Members’ newsletter, with over 90% of those stating it was the correct length and frequency.

    When asked which types of articles were preferred for the newsletter, the overwhelming favourites were: Spotlight on CLC World resorts (98%), CLC World news (97%) and travel inspiration (94%). Also popular were competitions, Member stories and lifestyle articles.

    Social Media

    CLC World has a number of social media pages including Facebook, Instagram and the company blog. However, only 45% of the respondents follow one or some of our pages.

    When the remaining 55% were asked why they did not follow our pages, 53% of those were unaware of their presence and 43% do not use social media.

    The most popular content requested for social media was unsurprisingly in the form of videos – with CLC World resorts and recipes the most popular subject matter.

    Our Commitment

    The first newsletter produced following the survey analysis immediately took into account the wishes of our Members with the most popular themes represented. We have also incorporated the survey findings into our quarterly content plan and aim to highlight our social media offerings better so no one misses out. We shall continue to deliver travel inspiration, news and the resort focus our Members desire.

    It just leaves us to thank everyone who took part in the surveys – CLC World is listening.