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The Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral has been NASA’s primary space travel centre for more than fifty years. Not only is it a wonderful day out, but it’s also a genuinely educational and inspiring place to visit, full of amazing information about everything related to outer space. We’re sure that visiting Kennedy Space Center will be an absolute highlight of your holiday to CLC World Orlando.

Visiting Kennedy Space Center for the first time

You’ll be pleased to hear that the Kennedy Space Center is very intuitively mapped out which makes it fairly simple to navigate. With some large museums and attractions, you often feel like you’ve taken a wrong turn into a complex maze, but here you’ll find that it’s easy to make your way around the centre without missing out on any of the most important exhibits. Each section is organised chronologically, beginning with the very earliest steps that mankind took into space travel, and ending with the modern era. There is even an exhibit dedicated to the space missions which are currently in progress.

The Kennedy Space Center with children

As fascinating as rockets and space travel is to us adults, children will find the exhibits truly enthralling! If you have a child who has always dreamt of becoming an astronaut then it goes without saying that this visit is likely to be one of the highlights of your trip to CLC’s Orlando resorts. Look out for extra experiences which can be booked on the Kennedy Space Center website, such as ‘Lunch with an Astronaut’ and an incredible astronaut training experience where you have the chance to build your own rocket.

Visit essentials

The Kennedy Space Center offers a number of different tours and packages, along with standard ticket prices for children and adults. Tickets can be bought at the entrance, however, we recommend purchasing them online first – not only so that you can check out which option will work best for you, but also to avoid the queues during busier times.

The trip takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour by car from downtown Orlando, so if you can tear yourself away from our resorts and the theme parks, it is the perfect day trip from CLC World Orlando. As with any large attraction, we recommend arriving as early as you can to avoid the rush.

Special experiences

If you’re a true space fanatic, then it might be worth looking into whether there is a launch day scheduled for any time during your trip. The chance to see a real rocket launch is really onceinalifetime and is one of the most truly astonishing experiences that the Space Center offers.

On launch days and at other scheduled times there are also opportunities to meet and greet astronauts – the best way to find out when special events are happening is to keep checking the Space Center website and social channels.

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