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Experience Scottish tradition at the Pitlochry Highland Games where proud Scots show off their impressive skills in true Scottish fashion. The Pitlochry Highland Games are on the 9th of September and just an hour away from Duchally Country Estate. You will have an amazing day out.

Life begins after coffee

Start the day with a hearty breakfast at Duchally with the legendary Perthshire Breakfast, you will end up more stuffed than with a full English Breakfast. Now you’ll have plenty of energy to spend at the Highland Games.

Beware of flying cabers

Prepare yourself for a full day of fun and excitement where men and women alike will show off their strength and skills. You will be able to see not one but TWO Tug o’Wars, the Perthshire Heavyweight League and the Junior Heavyweight League. Just be careful and watch out for falling objects.

Dance your kilt off

Here you will see children do dance routines that will leave you with open-mouthed with admiration. The Perthshire Dancing League will inspire you to learn to dance the Highland fling, you will even convince yourself to go to classes, that is until you see them do the splits in the air.

The Sound of… Bagpipes?

Your body will move to the sound of the bagpipes at the Street Parade of Pipe Bands and the Perthshire Piping League. There is nothing more Scottish than this and you will go back home with bagpipe music downloaded on your phone.

Just sleep it off

And after an exciting day come back to Duchally, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner and relax while enjoying the beautiful views. You can even enjoy one of the many massages and treatments offered at the Leisure Centre to really unwind and feel at home. Then let yourself drift into a happy sleep after an amazing day.

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