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There’s nothing quite like sharing a cool beer with friends and family, by the poolside in the Costa del Sol sunshine! And here at CLC Club La Costa World we offer a range of premium lagers, stouts and cider guaranteed to keep you chilled in the heat.

But with so many locally produced Andalucían beers, we’re giving you the lowdown on each frothy drop of liquid heaven so you know your cervezas* when you’re out and about.

San Miguel

You’ve probably noticed the large San Miguel factory as you leave Malaga airport to begin your holiday. Because of this, we don’t blame you for thinking that San Miguel is a beer born and bred in Malaga, but you’d be mistaken (don’t worry, we talk about Malaga’s native beer a little later on).

San Miguel – one of Spain’s most popular exports – actually began in Manila, brewed by monks in one of the capital’s districts, San Miguel, from where this popular beer gets its name.

In 1957, it was bought by a Spanish businessman and brewing began in Spain. Now, 30% of the beers bought in Spain are San Miguel and, in 2004, they even produced San Miguel ECO – Spain’s first organic beer.

San Miguel’s classic, Especial, has an alcohol content of 4.5%, while their premium beer is 5.4%. They also brew a non-alcoholic beer as well.


The biggest-selling beer in Spain and a European favourite is the Heineken-owned Cruzcampo. At just over 110 years old, Cruzcampo is the oldest Spanish-brewed beer on our list.

The first factory was built in 1904 next to the stone cross, La Cruz del Campo (The cross of the field), from where the beer gets its name. As well as being brewed in the Andalucían capital of Seville, there is also a brewery in Jaen.

The recognisable logo is a celebratory chink of glasses to Gambrinus, the 13th century Flemish Duke who brewed his own beers and has now become a culture icon for all things beer, jovial, and joyous.

As well as their award-winning Gran Reserva (6.4%), Cruzcampo also produce a pilsner (4.8%), light beer (2.4%), shandy (0.9%) radler – mixed with natural lemon juice (2.2%) and a sin alcohol variety.


Now, although many people believe it to be San Miguel, Victoria is in fact Malaga’s very own beer baby. First brewed in Malaga in 1928 and named after the patron saint of the city: Santa Maria de la Victoria.

The factory opened on the 8th September, Malaga’s public holiday honouring their saint. This drink encapsulates everything that is Malagueñan, with the slogan stating: ‘Malagueña y Exquisita’ (of Malaga and exquisite). You’ll often find that many drink it while enjoying a local delicacy known as fritura Malagueña (a selection of battered and fried seafood).

Victoria brews only one type of beer, which has an alcohol content of 5.4%


You may recognise the name of this beer as it is named after one of Granada’s main landmarks – La Alhambra. So called after its reddish walls, the fortress sits atop the al-Sabika hill, overlooking the whole city.

Alhambra, the beverage, is a favourite in Andalucía with it being the most drank beer in the eastern part of the region. It has established a reputation as a much-loved drink since it was first produced in 1925.

Alhambra offer many different styles of beverages: Reserva 1925, Especial, Mezquita, Negra, Premium, Shandy, and a non-alcoholic, Sin. Their most popular beers are the Reserva 1925 and Especial which are 6.4% and 5.4% respectively.

Next time you’re lounging by one of the many pools at CLC Club La Costa World and thinking of having a refreshing cold drink, don’t hesitate to pop into one of our bars where we offer you the choice of the ever-popular San Miguel (draft and by the bottle) along with international favourites Budweiser, Corona, Heineken and Guinness! Salud!

*most of the well-known beverages have a 0% alcohol bottle if you prefer, just ask for sin alcohol and keep an eye out for the easily recognisable blue label!