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You’re looking forward to your Easter break, getting away for the school holidays, or simply making the most of the long Bank Holiday weekend. All you have to do is the packing – the best part of the holiday preparation, right? Perhaps not!

If you’re travelling with kids the problems multiply – not every toy, book or PlayStation game can make its way into the limited luggage space. Here are CLC World’s top tips for packing for the family Easter holiday.

For the kids

  • Get the kids to decide which toy, book or game they want to take, but give them a strict limit on number and size. As they’ve made the decision (with a little help!), any arguments are more easily dealt with.
  • Wherever you go in Europe, the weather is still unpredictable at this time of year – wind and waterproof coats are a must; but sunscreen, bathing suits (there are such things as indoor pools) and t-shirts should make their way into the case too.
  • It’s true for all the family that layering your clothing is the best bet. For kids, it’s a definite. When they run around, they get hot and cast off coats and jumpers at will. But when the sun starts to set, they’ll be piling them back on.
  • A couple of options for shoes, wellies, trainers and beach shoes should cover all weather combinations.
  • For her

  • Hide any Easter gifts in your luggage so little hands don’t start untying bows or peeling back Sellotape too early. And make sure those chocolate eggs are well wrapped; nobody wants their favourite piece of clothing smeared with melted chocolate.
  • If you’re heading out to a country with a warmer climate or sticking around in the UK, now is the time to invest in your spring coat for the Easter holiday. A pair of slip-on shoes that are comfy, lightweight and easy to pack is a real bonus on any trip.
  • Once again, the capsule wardrobe is the best approach to packing light but covering all eventualities. Fold, then roll the clothes to minimise creasing and get more in the luggage. No need to pack that travel iron!
  • Don’t forget a pair of good sunglasses and a light scarf for that notoriously unpredictable spring weather.
  • For him

  • You’re on holiday, so it’s time to ditch the office wear and go casual.
  • As before, layering is key. Pack a couple of t-shirts, cotton shirts, one light jumper and a heavier one for the changeable weather. One pair of boots and a pair of trainers should do for footwear, while a leather jacket will keep the evening chill off.
  • Throw in a pair of shorts and swimmers and you’re ready to holiday.
  • While digital detoxing is a great idea, on rainy days those devices may just come in handy! No need to pack every single charger and adapter, invest in a multi-charger and save even more space in your case.
  • Happy Easter holidays!