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In June 2018, CLC World Resorts & Hotels announced the launch of their initiative “There is no Planet B”.

The first campaign, #passonplastics, focuses on reducing the amount of single-use plastics across the business, with the initial focal point being the Head Office on the Costa del Sol.
The last three months have seen CLC World:

  • Carry out monthly beach cleans
  • Arrange for eco-ashtray dispensers to be placed at the entrance to the beaches facing Club La Costa World
  • Replace water bottles with water fountains
  • Introduce compostable plastic bags in our resort shops
  • Monthly Beach Cleans

    The local council does an amazing job to keep our beaches clean, but with beachgoers leaving rubbish behind and detritus washed up, it’s an ongoing battle. Employees and volunteers from CLC World have managed to collect nearly 100kg of plastic and rubbish over the past three months. The beach cleans will remain a regular feature of our #passonplastic campaign and the Town Hall are supporting our efforts too.


    During the cleans, hundreds of cigarette butts have been removed from the beaches. To keep them “butt-free”, we have arranged for Ecolilla Ashtray Dispensers to be installed at the beach entrances. These CLC World branded containers are disposable, made of ecological and recyclable cardboard, and can be used for both cigarette butts and small waste. Simply collect the ashtray from the dispenser, use and when you leave the beach, place it in the bin provided.

    Water Fountains in the Offices

    We’ve now installed water fountains in our Costa del Sol offices which means we are drastically reducing our plastic usage from the 134,000 1.5 litre plastic water bottles we bought last year. We’ve stopped using single-use plastic glasses in our offices and staff are using their own refillable water bottles.

    Compostable Plastic Bags

    All our shops at the Costa del Sol resorts now provide compostable plastic bags for members and guests to take home their shopping.

    And it doesn’t stop there…

    We have teamed up with the BIC Terracycle movement to recycle plastic pens – every department has a pen recycling box and we’re phasing in recyclable paper pens to replace them. Last year across our Spanish resorts we ordered no less than 85,000 pens, so we will be reducing that figure significantly.
    Our restaurants offer a take-away service and we’re looking into eco-friendly alternatives to replace the current take-away containers. Some of our eateries have already started using recycled cardboard.

    And it’s not just in Spain that we’re making a difference, we also:

  • Buy cleaning products in bulk and decant into reusable cleaning bottles.
  • Replaced plastic straws with biodegradable ones in our UK resorts and our Spanish ones are following suit.
  • Have recycling bins at our resorts to encourage visitors to separate their rubbish so we can recycle.
  • Have recycled cardboard takeaway food boxes at our Cornish resort, CLC Trenython Manor, where we also use large refillable containers to minimise the waste from all those little bottles. (It’s still good quality toiletries!).
  • We also think about non-plastic issues too. Our Scottish resort CLC Duchally Country Estate has a number of green successes including growing plants from seeds to maintain the estate, protecting small mammals and reducing our carbon footprint.

    CLC World is taking steps to help protect planet Earth because, there is no Planet B!