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When it comes to its career as a blockbuster location hotspot, Tenerife’s story is a little uncertain – fraught with a few myths and tall tales. If you’ve spent time at CLC’s resorts in Tenerife, you’ll know that the landscape can often look like something completely out of this world, so it’s no surprise that many fans have been quick to believe it is the setting for various big releases. Here we’ve separated the facts from the fiction to let you know which movies were really set on our favourite Canary Island.

True: Wonder Woman 2

The hotly anticipated sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman is set to light up the big screen in late 2019 and officials have confirmed that Tenerife will feature as a location for Wonder Woman 2. The stunning volcanic landscapes and dramatic coasts will no doubt serve as the perfect backdrop for this upcoming release, which will star actresses Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig. Perhaps visitors to CLC World Tenerife might even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the movie stars… we’ll have to wait and see.

True: Jason Bourne

The fifth instalment of the high-action Bourne franchise starring A-lister Matt Damon, Jason Bourne was released in 2016 and Tenerife was chosen as the location for a number of its scenes. In particular, the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife were used as the perfect clone for the Greek city of Athens. Given the similar landscape and climate, the production team were able to easily dress the island’s capital as the mythical Greek city, with the use of some strategic flags and national signifiers.

False: Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

If you’re a movie-location buff or Star Wars fanatic then you’re likely to have heard the tale that Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith was filmed on the beautiful island, right in the Mount Teide National Park. When you take a look at the landscape it’s not that difficult to see how this rumour began, as the arid volcanic scenery couldn’t look be a more of a perfect fit. Unfortunately, in this case, Tenerife was never confirmed as a location – although we’d like to believe it acted as a source of inspiration!
What may surprise you, however, is that Solo: A Star Wars Story was filmed close by on the wild sandy beaches of Fuerteventura. Study the backdrop of the battle scenes in this popular spin-off and you’ll be able to spot the coast of this Canary Island!