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The airline luggage wars on the budget carriers that ferry most of us to our CLC World holidays in the sun mean that what you pack nowadays is crucial.

Sitting on your hand luggage to wedge in that back-up pair of curling tongs, or your footy boots (on the off-chance that you bump into Lionel Messi and he fancies a kickabout), was never much of an option.

You also risk your hand luggage being scrunched into one of those horrible metal ‘maximum size’ checkers…the ones that might as well say ‘if I can’t fit you in, you’re not getting on that plane!’

Or what about the ‘helpful’ airline attendant who then tells you: “That’s going in the hold” and you shriek: “It’s got my ipad and a camera in there!!!”

Three guesses (though you’ll probably only need one) what item most of us would like to pack but few of us have ever been able to? Ok, it’s a kettle. (And don’t say ‘the travel version works just as well’. Yuk). You might be insisting it does, but how long does it take before you’re all sat down drinking tea at the same time? Ages!

If you have managed to pack your kettle (sacrificing something important because of it), let us know on social media what you left behind to make way for it (no mother-in-law jokes though). We’d love to hear it.

What about the good old immersion heater? What about it! Wasn’t that what your mum used on caravan holidays when you ventured across the channel in the 70s?? Surely airport security must have classed them as offensively useless by now?

“That could take someone’s eye out, Sir.” “Really? You keep it then.”

Chucking a tea bag, hot water and cow’s milk into the same mug is probably the preserve just of the Brits, the windswept residents of the Falklands, a few gauchos in Argentina who used to be Welsh and the ex-pat brigade of southern Spain.

Many of the French people you meet obviously drink tea, but with lemon not milk and the Germans only seem to talk about ‘kaffee’, though if it’s in a sentence with ‘Kuchen’ – CAKE – you’re onto a winner. No kettles though. What about the Spanish of Andalucia? Any chance?
Course not. Why would they?

If you do wash up on Spain’s sunny shores and you’re determined to buy a kettle, then your only option is to venture out onto the Spanish high street armed with your euros…and you’ll need quite a few of them.
What you’re after isn’t called a kettle of course, but if you want one, you’re going to have to pay. Considering that in the UK you can get a full-sized budget version for a little over a fiver, it can be a bit of a shock. Is there a silver lining in this cloud of murky misery, you ask?

CLC World to the rescue

Fear not, at CLC World’s Costa del Sol resorts a kettle is installed in every property before they even put the roof on…(ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration). The point is, no need to fret!

And what about our resorts on the Aegean coast of Turkey? Will I be forced to drink tea with no milk and mountains of sugar in it?

Again, fear not. A kettle is provided in every unit at Kusadasi Golf & Spa. It only makes sense; after all, Brits without access to tea might suffer withdrawal and need a doctor!

And what about teabags on the Costa del Sol, you ask? ‘Do I need to bring them with me, wedged inside my second pair of shoes and desperately hoping I don’t look furtive enough to be mistaken for a drug mule?’

Nope. The Spanish may not have taken tea drinking as we understand it to their hearts, but they do cater for our addiction. First port of call should be the shops on our resorts and you’ll find what you crave. But if you’re off-resort and on the hunt, most big supermarkets will have what you need. They won’t be in 10ft high stacks marked ‘three-for-two’ but they are there.

Persevere and you’ll find them!