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Travelling to new places means trying out the local food, but here in Orlando local food comes from every corner of the world. While on your visit to one of our resorts in Orlando try out as many different cuisines as you can.

Not your typical American food

When talking about American food, the image that usually springs to mind is a massive plate with a gigantic burger dripping sauce and cheese, surrounded by a sea of fries almost falling off the plate, all accompanied by a huge glass of coke that never seems to finish (that will be the waiter refilling your drink all the time). But you’re mistaken if you think that’s the only thing they serve here in Orlando, which has been described as a melting pot of different cuisines.

African roots

African food is rich in flavour and spices. Most dishes that are eaten by Americans have African beginnings; eggplant, chili peppers, sesame seeds and okra were brought from West Africa along with rice which have now become almost staples in American food. Now you can find African restaurants almost everywhere you go, and the food is heavenly.

French fries aren’t French

If you are a fan of French food (and no, French fries don’t count) then there are multiple restaurants available providing both traditional French food and French food with a Floridian twist. So, Bon appétit!

Chicken or Gator?

Who would have known that people actually ate Gator? Well it’s very popular in Orlando (in most of Florida really) and it is very tasty, some people even compare it to chicken. If you’re up for trying this eccentric dish, then you’re in for a treat.

Mouthwatering Mexican

Another cuisine that is very popular in Orlando is Mexican food. Like most southern states, there is a very big Mexican influence in all their food. So, you can either go for the very hot and spicy traditional Mexican food or the mellower Floridian version, both are full of flavour.

Orlando sure has a lot of variety when it comes to food and choices. Whenever you’re at one of our two resorts in Orlando, be sure to explore the different cuisines and go back home having tasted the world.