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Due to its location between the Sahara desert (across a not insignificant span of sea) on one side, and the vast Atlantic Ocean on the other, the skies above the island of Tenerife are virtually free from light pollution. This is one of the reasons why this largest of Spain’s Canary Islands provides such amazing opportunities for stargazing.

In most parts of Europe, it’s become increasingly difficult-, to find any spots that are truly dark enough to offer the majestic views of the stars, which can only be seen in skies unobscured by the bright lights of large cities. Yet, the silky dark night skies above Tenerife present an almost perfect canvas, unblemished by light pollution, for the dazzling stars of the universe to reveal themselves in all their glory.

Additionally, Tenerife’s clean air and routinely good weather means that its skies are often crystal clear. This, plus the high altitudes that can be found on the island – with its soaring peaks, such as massive volcano Mount Teide – makes Tenerife, along with Hawaii and Chile, one of the most sought-after places on the globe for stargazing.

So renowned is Tenerife as a mecca for those who wish to observe the wonders of the stars that, in 2014, the Starlight Foundation designated the island as an official “Starlight Destination”. And, for the last 43 years, one of the world’s leading observatories, the Canarian Institute of Astrophysics, has been situated in Tenerife. All this only further serves to underscore that Tenerife is an ideal place from which to stargaze.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of having a front row seat from which to enjoy the nightly natural astronomical light show, then you could find no better base than one of CLC World’s Tenerife resorts. For example, the superb CLC Monterey in Tenerife, along with all of the other local Tenerife CLC World resorts, is located within easy distance of some of the best stargazing sites that you’re ever likely to come across.

Idyllic Starwatching Sites

Beach lovers can delight in the fact that many of the beaches in Tenerife deliver spectacular vantage points from which to survey the heavens. Often secluded and set apart from the lights of the isle’s larger towns, beaches such as Playa El Bollullo and Playa de la Tejita beckon those of a romantic bent. Imagine packing a picnic dinner and making the relatively short drive from your CLC World Tenerife resort to a deserted black-sand beach, where you can lie back and feast your eyes on the billions of stars in the inky black sky, as you listen to the sounds of waves gently lapping the shore.

For stargazers who can never truly get their fill of untamed nature, your best bet might be a night-time jaunt to Mount Teide National Park – which is a beautiful drive from CLC Monterey, as well as the other CLC World resorts in Tenerife. While you can venture to the park on your own to see the stars, you might want to take advantage of one of the tours that are available for those who wish not only to look at stars, but learn more about them in the process.

Guided tours have the additional perk of being able to take you close to the 3,700-metre summit of Mount Teide – the highest of Spain’s mountains and one of the world’s biggest volcanoes – from which you will be able to experience a simply breathtaking and unforgettable vista. Take in views of seemingly endless stars, which fill the canopy of the night sky and seem to transform the darkness into an inverted bowl of shimmering light.