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St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, Barbados, Russia, Romania and Tenerife, amongst others.

He’s been a popular chap in Scotland since around the end of the 1st millennium, but it was during the reign of Malcolm III that he became the official patron saint.

The famous university town of the same name was so called after a monastery, built where the town now stands, housed relics of the saint from the 8th century.

In 2017, Google celebrated the day with a Doodle by Scottish artist Johanna Basford. Along with the saltire flag, the Loch Ness monster, thistle, Scottish landscape, flora and fauna are depicted with a unicorn. See the doodle, here.

To enjoy a ceilidh or two, head to Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh.

Scottish Storytelling Centre, Lauriston Hall 30th November – 1st December

Featuring traditional songs, music and dancing and nibbles to keep you going.

The Jam House 30th November

Get ready to dance the Dashing White Sergeant, the Gay Gordons and more, through the night.

Tie in your trip to Edinburgh with a stay at CLC Duchally Country Estate, where you can put your dancing feet up in one of our comfortable lodges or hotel rooms and enjoy the quieter side of Scottish hospitality!

In Tenerife, the festivities for San Andrés (as St Andrew is known there) are most popular in the north of the island – the biggest shindigs are in Puerto de la Cruz and Icod de los Vinos – though wine and chestnut stalls can be found in parts of the south.

In Puerto de la Cruz, children bang and clatter their way around the streets on 29th November as part of the Arrastre los Cacharros celebrations, while their elders make the most of the aforementioned wine and chestnuts.

Icod de los Vinos goes even further with the younger generation hurtling down the town’s streets on trays into a pile of old car tyres. Taking place throughout the 29th & 30th November, the darker the hour the wilder the ride, helped along with a good slug or two of wine!

It is the wine that the festival is really about with lots of food and drink stalls to enjoy. It is a fabulous opportunity to taste some local wines, some of which never appear on a supermarket shelf.

If you’re staying at one of CLC World’s Tenerife resorts, why not hire a car and head to the north of the island to join in the celebrations.

Slangevar! ¡Salut!