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Get ready to take on all of the villains from Roald Dahl’s stories; witches, sleeping giants, and worst of all… Miss Trunchbull. While enjoying your stay in Cornwall, be entertained and have fun at the Eden Project during the last week of October.

What to look out for and what to expect:

    Bald heads, long nails… A witch
    Have fun while training as a witch spotter; but be careful, you never know who could be the witch among you…

    Tasty chicken and savoury apples
    Search for plump chickens and fresh apples to eat with Mr. Fox. It’s lots of fun and you get to tunnel though the earth to get to the farm… But always be careful of Boggis, Bunce and Bean, they are never far away.
    Tricks, pranks and other terrible things
    Mr. and Mrs. Twit await you inside a house filled with different and dangerous objects. Enjoy every single moment, but be warned, they are up to no good.

    A Ball awaits
    On Saturday the 28th you are invited to attend the Little Monster’s Ball Halloween disco, where you can dress up in your finest clothes or as your favourite monster. There will be dancing, music, and an amazing show.

    Chills to the bone
    After experiencing an amazing and unforgettable day you can go and chill in the ice rink, where you can skate or just fall on your bum – monsters don’t judge!

    Don’t end up in The Chokey
    Inside the schoolyard, the Trunchbull test awaits. Will you dare enter?

Halloweden is for everybody. Whether you’re a child or an adult, it will be a day filled with fun and laughs (and some scares too!).