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If you are looking for fun with a capital ‘F’, check out our guide to some of the quirkiest Halloween traditions and celebrations around the world.

Orlando, USA

There is no better place than Walt Disney World, Orlando to let your hair down and party! October is a great time to visit. Most of the crowds have gone and the weather is lovely and warm to enjoy the spectacular outdoor attractions.

Themes change each year but some of the most popular attractions are the outdoor kitchens at the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot and the fun-filled parade at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Only ticket holders will be allowed in to this exciting event in the Magic Kingdom, with access to a special Halloween Party, a vast choice of sweets and snacks and exclusive merchandise. Marvel at the spooky and illuminated decorations, the spectacular firework display and don’t forget your camera for special character meet and greets!

Every park usually has something special brewing in the kitchen for Halloween, including caramel apples, pumpkin lattes and hot cider.

Walt Disney World, Orlando is just 4 miles from CLC World Regal Oaks and 5.5 miles from CLC World Encantada.

Scotland, UK

Halloween around the world doesn’t come much spookier than in Scotland, where the day is all about the supernatural, witches, spirits and fire.

The origins of Halloween can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (summer’s end) which marked the beginning of the dark, cold winter and the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead.

Large bonfires were lit by the Celts to keep out the evil spirits and house fires were put out and relit from the bonfires to ‘cleanse’ the property of evil spirits.

Nowadays, pumpkin lanterns with carved out eyes, noses and mouths with a lantern inside are used to ward off the spirits. Young children, dressed as witches, ghosts and every imaginable type of scary creature go ‘trick or treating´ around the houses, where they are usually offered sweets or money.

Many hotels and restaurants in Scotland will offer Halloween dinners and events, including CLC Duchally Country Estate, set in beautiful Perthshire.

Telling porkies?

The Witchcraft Act of 1735 in Scotland contained a clause preventing the consumption of pork and pastry on Halloween. The act was however repealed in the 1950’s so it was made legal to offer pork pies or sausage rolls to children as treats!


If you are looking for big parties and morbid fun, Romania should be high on your list of ‘places to go’ for Halloween.

Dedicated parties and huge events take place in the bars and clubs of Bucharest. Play all sorts of scary games, dress up like a vampire (what else in Romania) and cast the evil spirits away with great music, frightening costumes and horror stories.

If you really want to push the Halloween boat out, spend the evening at Bran Castle, the famous residence of Dracula, sleep in a velvet coffin or down some black vodka with the witches and bats!

Even more terrifying, Corvin Castle in Hunedora is home to rooms with medieval torture instruments and plays, accompanied by petrifying sounds. Enter if you dare!


Along with most Catholics around the world, Spain celebrate All Saints’ Day on the 1st November, followed by All Souls’ Day on the 2nd November. This is annual time to honour the lives of the Saints who died for their Catholic beliefs, as well as the souls of dead family members.

All Saints’ Day is a national holiday in Spain and people leave fresh flowers on the graves of departed loved ones to keep their memory alive and on those of complete strangers – adorning the cemeteries with colourful floral displays.

CLC World Resorts & Hotels and CLC World Club La Costa on the Costa del Sol are offering a host of Halloween events in their restaurants and bars. Why not contact them to find out more?