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It’s July, and in America that means it’s National Ice Cream Month. With the summer days stretching before us and the mercury rising in thermometers, we’ve decided to join the celebrations for all things ice cream.

A very brief history

ice cream van

There’s no one person credited with inventing ice cream, though the Chinese King Tang of Shang is thought to have had over ninety “ice men” who mixed flour, camphor, and buffalo milk with ice.

Marco Polo brought back an ice-cream recipe from China to Italy in the 15th century and Catherine de Medici was rather taken with it. Ice cream remained very much an elite food, with King Charles I of Britain paying his chef to keep the recipe secret from the public.

Luckily, the common people got hold of the recipes, refrigeration was invented and there was no looking back!

Full of Flavour

Various of ice cream flavor in cones

Gelato, ice cream, helado… whatever you call it, there’s a host of flavours waiting to be enjoyed.

From vanilla to chocolate, pistachio to rum and raisin you can spend hours in front of the counter deciding which to choose.

However, vanilla remains top of the flavour charts in most countries.

How do you eat yours?

Three mature female friends standing eating Italian ice-creams

Do you hear the tinkle of the ice cream van and shoot outdoors to get your ice cream cone? Or do you head to an ice cream parlour and dig into the sundae glass with a spoon? Perhaps you prefer a little tub with disposable scoop and to wander the streets savouring each mouthful?

Whichever is your chosen method, just don’t rush or you’ll got an ice cream headache!