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Did you know that the Canary Islands are home to an incredible 1200 camels?

When you consider the dry landscape of the island chain, the presence of a large population of these exotic creatures makes sense. Thanks to their incredible water storage capabilities, it’s no surprise that these animals were once the ideal mode of transport on journeys across the volcanic interior of the Canaries.

Today, the camels of the Canary Islands are more of a tourist attraction than transport solution. During your stay at one of CLC World’s holiday resorts in Tenerife, why not make time to get to know the locals?

Meet the “Canary” Camel

So, how did the one-humped camel end up in the Canary Islands? Historical references suggest the species was introduced at the beginning of the 15th century, where they quickly flourished in the subtropical climate. Their isolation kept them disease-free, and over the centuries camels from the Canaries were highly sought after for export to far-flung locations such as Peru, Brazil, Bolivia and even Australia.

The low-maintenance characteristics of camels, such as their famous ability to go for long stretches without a drink of water, are what spawned their popularity for breeding, along with the fact that they can carry a heavy load and were therefore very useful (particularly in the days before motorised transport).

Now that camels are no longer required so much for agriculture, they are principally bred in the Canary Islands for tourism. Even if you don’t fancy a ride or a guided camel tour, you can still meet the camels at many of their dedicated parks, such as Camel Park Tenerife. If you stay at any of CLC World’s Tenerife resorts, make sure you have your Membership Card with you when you visit Camel Park. It gives you an incredible 20% off!

Much like horse riding, hitching a ride on a camel is a safe and family-friendly activity, which is likely to become the focal point of your best holiday memories. Of course, it’s always a good idea to do your research before your holiday as prices for rides and tours vary between parks, and reviews from previous visitors will reassure you as to the physical condition and welfare of the animals.

Travellers with an adventurous spirit will relish the opportunity to meet the famous Canary Island camels in a landscape where they look completely at home, so if you’re jetting off to CLC World Tenerife and looking for the best places for families, make sure an unmissable experience with the local camel population is added to your itinerary.