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The heart of the Costa del Sol, Málaga has always been an artist’s playground. Birthplace of Picasso, known for his eccentric style, Málaga continues to grow artistically. For lovers of art, Málaga with art galleries to rival the bigger cities of Madrid and Barcelona, is the perfect place to discover contemporary 20th and 21st century art.
Here are our top picks for modern art in Málaga.

Museo Picasso

The Picasso Museum in the heart of Málaga’s old city, houses a permanent exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s work. Refreshed in 2017, the collection is chronological and shows the versatility of the artist’s work. There is information around the museum describing his at times bizarre creations; but as Picasso himself said, “The world doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?”

Pompidou Centre

The Pompidou Centre’s colourful box on Malaga´s Muelle Uno is a beacon for those with an interest in the development of modern art. Around 70 works take you on a journey through 20th and 21st century art. The displays are renewed every 5 semesters and given an extra boost with 2 or 3 temporary exhibitions every year.

Málaga´s Street Art

Málaga’s urban street art (MAUS) thrives in the city’s SoHo district. Known as the ‘Barrio de las Artes’, it grew out of an initiative to revitalise the neighbourhood. Once a bourgeois area with beautiful architecture, it had become rundown but is now home to cultural events and street art.
From the area behind the CAC (Centre for Contemporary Art) down to the Paseo del Parque are fantastic murals, some of which have plaques with a QR code so you can learn more about them.

CAC – Centre for Contemporary Art

Free to enter, the CAC Málaga has a permanent collection of paintings and sculpture that characterise the different trends and movements of 20th century art. The regularly changing exhibitions illustrate the diversity of contemporary art both internationally and locally.
Always an interesting and stimulating gallery to visit.

Museo Jorge Rando

The Jorge Rando Museum is the only gallery in Spain dedicated to the modernist art movement, Expressionism. It was designed to raise the profile of Málaga painter Jorge Rando and become a benchmark for Expressionism.
Entrance is free and the museum is a pleasant 10-minute stroll from Calle Larios.

If you’re staying at a Málaga family resort, a trip to see the city’s fantastic modern art is a must. CLC World’s Costa del Sol resorts offer a Málaga Coach Tour with plenty of time for you to take great pictures for your social media feeds whilst enjoying some of the fantastic contemporary art.