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As we celebrate 35 years of CLC World Resorts & Hotels, we’ve looked back at how far we’ve come since our first resort at Las Farolas in 1984.

Now we’re looking forward and have put together a light-hearted prediction as to how the CLC World experience could be in 35 years’ time and beyond.

It’s personal!


Not only will our loyal and dedicated restaurant teams recognise you, they’ll also know what you do and don’t like, down to whether you like sauce served over your food or on the side.

Your apartment will be set up just as you like it – your favourite music playing, preferred temperature and light settings, and the scent of your favourite flower filling the air.

Futuristic living room

Children will be able to design their own bedrooms using technology that projects images onto walls, in very much the same way that cruises are introducing ‘sea views’ in inner cabins.


Your very own holographic assistant will be on hand to guide and assist you. From taking you through the check-in process to booking excursions, your wish will be their command.

Virtual mirror

Smart mirrors in the apartment will link to your personal social media accounts, music and film play lists and messaging apps.

Going Green


With the majority of our resorts in sunny locations, we will have made big steps in making our energy completely sustainable. Solar panels will provide lighting and electricity to each of our apartments, restaurants, shops and offices.

On the Costa del Sol, our loveable resort land train will be a green, driverless shuttle with zero pollution. It will still be fun to ride on though!


Hyperloop travel

The Hyperloop, as envisaged by Elon Musk, will send you through a vacuum tube from one city to another in record time or you’ll be teleported to your destination, arriving fresh and with not a single ounce of jet lag.

Both would have zero or little carbon footprint – just beware there’s no fly in the teleporter!

The taste of things to come


Food delivery will be via a robot with the capacity to keep different elements hot or cold as desired. No ice cream melting over your Four Seasons pizza.

Robotic Hand

You’ll be able to order your meals in advance of arriving at the restaurant, customised to exactly your taste.


Each apartment will have a 3D printer that enables you to have roast beef or baklava at the touch of a button.

Virtual Reality will allow you to taste local foods in authentic settings without leaving your apartment.

Wherever technology and customer desires take us in the next 35 years and beyond, one thing is certain – CLC World will still be delivering great holiday experiences that you’ll want to enjoy again and again.