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When Susan Thomas bought her fixed weeks at Las Farolas in 1985, she probably didn’t foresee four generations of her family holidaying with CLC World 34 years later!

We met up with Susan, her husband Neville and their family at Malibu Mansions, where they own a property, to find out why they return to CLC World on the Costa del Sol.

What brought you to the Costa del Sol and CLC World in the first place?

Susan: I was a keen golfer in the 1980s and the proximity of Las Farolas to the golf courses was a deciding factor. I was one of the first 2,000 CLC World Members!

I didn’t come out to the Costa del Sol much during the early 90s, but we returned in the late 90s, when San Diego Suites was being built, and exchanged our fixed weeks for Points.

What would you say are the main benefits of Points?

Neville: Points give us the flexibility to use the exchange facilities or book apartments for our family to come out.

Susan: We’ve been to Duchally Country Estate, Florida, Portugal, Cornwall and Turkey – the kids love Duchally – but our family get-togethers are always here on the Costa del Sol.

What’s so special about the Costa del Sol resorts?

Susan: It’s so good for the family. There’s the kids’ club, entertainment and we can walk into Fuengirola. Everyone enjoys it and knows what to expect.

Neville: Yes; you can’t beat the service, landscaping, setting, and everything is well maintained. If there is an issue, it’s fixed immediately. The service from all the staff goes above and beyond.

Susan: It’s like a second home. It takes time to develop that sense, but we know we can put our bags down and immediately relax.

You like it here so much, you purchased at Malibu Mansions…

Susan: We bought the apartment so we could come out more frequently; we spend a lot of time here throughout the year. We also used the leaseback deal, so the property works for us.

With CLC World dealing with all the maintenance, housekeeping and bookings, we have peace of mind that everything is being done properly.

Neville: However, we kept our Points so we could invite family and friends out at the same time that we’re here. It allows us to have family holidays, to see the kids having fun… and now we get to see a great-grandchild enjoying a CLC World holiday!

CLC World clearly works for you…

Susan: It suits us as a family, but you have to make it work for you. As with anything, you have to allow time to figure out what’s good for you and where you prefer to be; but once you’ve done that, it’s great.

Neville: CLC World is still here after 35 years, while other timeshare companies have come and gone. That says something.

We couldn’t ask for anything better.