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From stunning Seville to majestic Madrid

With so much on your doorstep (and ever-so slightly further afield) we thought we’d bring you a handy little guide to some major towns and cities that offer excellent days out for explorers and sightseers when holidaying on the Costa del Sol.
It might be useful to rent a GPS if you’re thinking of heading to any of these splendid destinations by car – though many places can be reached by train or bus. We have used some of our expert local knowledge to show you what to expect in terms of travelling times, distances and how to get to places of interest, too.

How far is Seville?

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Distance by road: 245km

Route: take the A-7 around Malaga and head to Antequera on the A-45, to the north west of Antequera pick up the A-92 which will take you direct to Seville. There are other routes available but this one avoids all toll roads and is the quickest.

Travelling time: 2hrs 45 mins (one way)

Train: there are two choices if taking the train to Seville. Both depart from Malaga Maria Zambrano central station, the Avant is the fast train and takes 1h 55mins or the slow train calling at more stations takes 2hrs 35mins (source: ). From CLC Club La Costa World make your way to Fuengirola and take the train to Malaga Maria Zambrano and change for Seville.

How far is Cordoba?

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Distance by road: 195Km

Route: take the A-7 around Malaga and proceed to Antequera on the A-45, stay on the A-45 and follow the signs all the way to Cordoba. This is really the only direct route to Cordoba and avoids any toll roads.

Travelling time: 2hrs 15mins (one way)

Train: it is possible to travel to Cordoba by train from Malaga Maria Zambrano and there are 2 options, the fast train takes 1hr 5mins and the AVE (high speed train) takes just 50mins.

How far is Granada?

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Distance by road: 171Km

Route: take the A-7 around Malaga and follow the signs for Granada, take the A-45 and then the A-92 straight to Granada. This is the most direct route available avoiding toll roads, another route is available through the Axarquia and Sierra Nevada which will offer stunning scenery, but is much slower and there are so many things to look at and do en-route that reaching Granada in a day is highly unlikely!

Travelling time: 2hrs (one way)

Train: reaching Granada by train from the Costa del Sol is a very long winded affair as a change of train has to take place in Antequera with hours in between trains and we wouldn’t recommend this journey!

How far is Nerja?

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Distance by road: 97Km

Route: take the A-7 towards Malaga and follow the signs for Almeria, you will do a loop of Malaga city on the ring-road and emerge the other side heading east, stay on the A-7 all the way to Nerja. No tolls are involved in this route, and other than weaving your way through the city centre of Malaga, this is the only route from Club La Costa World.

Travelling time: 1hr 5mins (one way)

Train: N/A

How far is Gibraltar?

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Distance by road: 104Km

Route: two routes are available from Club La Costa World to Gibraltar by road. One way is fast but involves toll roads, so you will pay for the privilege, or the slower but free route that hugs the coastline all the way. Head to Marbella on the A-7 and follow signs for Algeciras, just after Marbella you can choose between staying on the A-7 or taking the AP-7 (the P inserted into the road number means a toll road), both roads lead to the same place so it is a matter of choice. When you reach San Roque follow signs for Gibraltar. Don’t forget your passport!

Travelling time: A-7 (no toll) 1hr 52mins (one way), AP-7 (toll) 1hr 32mins (one way)

Train: N/A

How far is Ronda?

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Distance by road: 90Km

Route: from Club La Costa World head towards Marbella on the A-7, carry on past Puerto Banus and take a right turn onto the A-376, signposted to Ronda. After crossing the AP-7 toll road the road turns into the A-397 and takes you on a spectacular ride over the mountains and into Ronda, one of the nicest and most famous towns in Andalucia.

Travelling time: 1hr 30mins (one way)

Train: one direct train daily from Malaga Maria Zambrano, approx. 1hr 47 mins (one way).

How far is Jerez de la Frontera?

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Distance by road: 194Km

Route: head west from Club La Costa World towards Marbella on the A-7 and stay on that road until you reach the town of San Roque down near Gibraltar, from there follow the signs for Jerez de la Frontera and Cadiz on the A-38, this road will take you straight to Jerez de la Frontera.

Travelling time: 2hrs 46mins (one way)

Train: journey time can take more than 4 hrs (one way)

How far is Madrid?

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Distance by road: 570Km

Train: forget the car and take the AVE train! For the really adventurous explorers, if planned properly, you can go to Madrid for the day from the Costa del Sol! The AVE high speed train service takes just 2hrs 30mins from Malaga and travels at speeds of up to 300km/h, whisking passengers to the Spanish capital in next to no time, spend the day sightseeing and catch a late train back. More information on all train services and the AVE to Madrid, is available in English at