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Fish belong in the sea and birds in the air, but planes? Dive below the waterline and explore the sunken plane just 90km away from our resort in Kusadasi Turkey – a fantastic year-round activity.

The beginning

The plane used to belong to Greek Olympic until it was refitted for cargo use. From June 2006 it flew in Turkey as a cargo plane but because of inspection costs it was forced to retire. But this is not the end. After being bought, it was sunk to promote dive tourism and has since rested at the bottom of the sea surrounded by clear water, making it the perfect spot to take underwater pictures.

Eerie surroundings

Surrounded by crystal water and the occasional bank of fishes passing by, this destination gives you a sense of peace like nowhere else. It truly is a unique location and, as it is underwater you can do cool poses for your pictures.

Underwater destination

The plane is only 10 minutes away from the Active Blue Diving Centre which in turn is only 8.7 miles from CLC Kusadasi Golf & Spa. For the perfect morning out, you can go diving and see the various reefs around the Aegean coast and the sunken plane.

Spooky interior

The windows in the plane let rays of light inside the interior of the plane, giving it a very spooky and eerie appearance. You can go into the cockpit and take pictures there (I even recommend taking a fake skeleton and placing it there to take an AMAZING scary picture).

Replenish yourself

After having an amazing time underwater, explore the surrounding coastal area and port where you can try local dishes and pastries. After, return to the resort, relax and enjoy a marvellous dinner at the Oaks restaurant.

This amazing and unique activity will complete your holiday experience, and offer the chance to take exceptional pictures. You will be able to taste traditional Turkish food and enjoy a day full of adventure and fun.