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This year’s Christmas animated spectacular is all about a giant bull called Ferdinand, and it’s set….in Spain!

To be precise, the setting is Ronda, just 100km from Club La Costa World, and there are real-life scenes from the town in the movie, including the Puente Neuvo bridge which spans the El Tajo gorge.

Audiences in Spain get to see the movie on 22 December with American pro-wrestler John Cena voicing the character of the loveable bull.

Ferdinand prefers life at home with his family until, mistaken for a dangerous beast, he finds himself facing up to battling matadors in the bullring!

A host of well-known stars feature in the film including the vocal talents of Scottish actor and former Dr Who, David Tennant.

Based on a 1936 American children’s favourite, the book was actually banned under the Franco dictatorship accused of being “pacifist propaganda”!

Blue Sky Studios, responsible for such hits as Rio and Ice Age, which went on to become a five-movie money-spinner, is the team behind the movie.

They will be hoping ‘Ferdinand’ wipes the floor not only with his animated opposition, but his competitors for the must-see Christmas number 1 spot!