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Have you ever watched people glide effortlessly past you on their Segway and thought, I wish I could do that?

You have?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that if you’re staying at one of CLC World’s resorts on the Costa del Sol or at our Scottish resort, CLC Duchally Country Estate in Perthshire (equipped with its own gin distillery!), you can.

Don’t worry about whether you’re experienced or not, most Segway customers are novices – expert guides will show you how to manoeuvre and make the most of your new-found favourite mode of transport!

Discover Malaga

Malaga is a city that has it all: art museums, fabulous restaurants, a vibrant social scene, monuments, historic sites and a promenade that stretches for miles alongside sandy beaches.

With ebikemalaga, you can choose from different Segway Malaga tours. The 1-hour tour takes in the top city sights including the port, the old city, the walls of Gibralfaro and the Plaza de Toros.

There are two further tours of 1 ½ and 2 hours, with the latter taking you up the hill through the forest to the top of Gibralfaro, where you can enjoy fantastic views. And believe me, it’s a lot easier on a Segway than on foot!

Whichever tour you take, your local guide will point out the best places to eat, what to see and where to go for great nightlife! They’ll also give you insights into the Malaga way of life; it’s a complete Segway Malaga experience.

Take a Falkirk Safari

View one amazing piece of modern engineering from your very own! Scottish Segway is based at The Falkirk Wheel, a rotating boatlift that joins the Union Canal with the Forth and Clyde Canal.

On your Segway, you can whizz along woodland paths to the top of The Falkirk Wheel to enjoy the incredible views and marvel at this unique and magnificent feat of engineering, before heading off to enjoy more of the country trails.

On a Segway Safari, you’ll glide along the Antonine Wall and discover the remains of Rough Castle, an ancient Roman fortress that was their northern-most outpost, as well as heading into the beautiful countryside.

Whether you’re staying on a Costa del Sol resort or relaxing in the Perthshire countryside, there’s a great Segway experience just waiting for you. Plus, we have great deals for CLC World Members; just show your membership card to receive fantastic discounts at either ebikemalaga or Scottish Segway.