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Want to escape your parents during the holidays? Want a bit of fun and laughs?

The holidays are a time to relax, escape the stress of exams and just enjoy the sun.
If you have gotten tired of sunbathing and the constant “have you put cream on?” or if you just want to have fun and a little adventure, then here are the things to do in Club La Costa World on the Costa del Sol.

Drink up (non-alcoholic)

Show off your cocktail knowledge in Mixology. Experience the art of cocktail making while having fun. Drink up (non-alcoholic) and perhaps take one to your parents, maybe now they will get you that new phone you wanted or they’ll let you stay out ;). This activity is loads of fun and filled with lively banter between the participants.

Are you up for the challenge?

Discover all the best hiding places from which you can later scare your sibling from in Scavenger Hunt. It is a lot of fun and though it might appear an easy game, it isn’t. You have to find SIX letters scattered around the resort while doing challenges as well. What will your challenge be?

Shoot straight

Learn how to shoot in Archery and Rifle shooting. The person that gets the most points wins. So get those James Bond or Merida vibes on.

What an adrenalin rush

Want to get away from the resort altogether and scream while throwing yourself off something high? Then zip lining is the perfect thing to do. First you have to do a bit of rock-climbing (I suggest climbing in the middle, it’s easier), then a bit of zip-lining. You do this twice and your adrenalin will be at its peak. Afterwards you go kayaking on the river. I also suggest you don’t sway the kayak too much ;).

There are many more activities available: water polo, Nerf competitions, water trials, etc. All of them are filled with laughs and fun. There are activities for everybody here in CLC World Costa del Sol, whether you are an adventure seeker, an adrenaline junkie, or in search of something different.
All these activities are carried out by CLC World Team Marina.


Author: Carlotta Mantel Pestaña