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Towering over the Canary Islands, Mount Teide is an active volcano on Tenerife reaching over 12,000ft high. The volcano makes Tenerife the tenth highest island in the world and its most recent eruption occurred in 1909. Now, Mount Teide is one of the Tenerife’s most popular tourist attractions with over 3 million visitors a year.
Not only does Mount Teide come with an amazing view, it comes with a great back story. Similar to how Mount Olympus was sacred to the ancient Greeks, Teide was just as sacred to the aboriginal Guanches.

Sacred Mountain

According to legend, Guayota (the devil) kidnapped the God of light and sun, Magec. The Guanches then asked their supreme God for help and he trapped Guayota deep within the volcano. When witnessing an eruption, the Guanches light bonfires to scare Guayota away.

The Guanches also believed that Teide held up the sky. There are many hiding places within the mountain that contain remains of stone tools and pottery as they believed the mountain to be the place that contained evil forces and its most evil figure. Along your journey why not try and locate these tools?

Spectacular stargazing

Legends aside, Mount Teide is the perfect place to visit for couples and even families looking to be amazed. Enjoy a spectacular sunset and stargaze as you are surrounded by natural wilderness. With the night sky changing from pink to red and purple, you will see the stars like never before. On your journey to the summit you will be taken to a height of 7,000ft with many photo stops along the way, you will then be given a glass of delicious sparkling Cava as you overlook the stunning sunset.

The volcano is a part of Teide National Park – which is over 47,000 acres and the most visited natural wonder of Spain. Imagine spending your day exploring the park before a night of climbing the volcano. On your excursion you will be offered a complete program for the night. This will include, a transfer, a night of stargazing, a glass of wine, a three-course meal with alcohol and coffee at one of the highest restaurants in Spain, plus an astronomer who will map the night sky, naming and explaining the glimmering constellations above for you.

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