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At Club La Costa World on the Costa del Sol, in 2019 we welcomed, and treated as family, 564,014 Members, Owners and guests to the resorts.

Our porters travelled 11,175km in 2019 around the resorts, delivering linen and welcome packs. That’s the same as travelling from Club La Costa World to Tokyo.

Language isn’t a barrier here – we can welcome you in 11 languages

Team Marina, CLC World’s entertainment team, have been have been making the younger (and not so!) guests extra welcome with 140 different activities and the mega-popular Enchanted Dining.

Did you know every single character is played by one of our very talented Team Marina crew?

Two of our Club La Costa World restaurants welcomed and served almost 145,000 people in 2019:

74,023 at Safari

66,676 at Zacary’s

CLC Club La Costa World – we can’t wait to welcome you back!