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Home to CLC Trenython Manor, Cornwall is England’s most south-westerly county, but did you know these interesting titbits?

1. Cornwall has the longest coastline of all England’s counties

433 miles, in fact; and with more than 300 fab beaches, you have your pick of calm waters or surfer’s waves.

2. Cornwall only has 1 city – Truro

The cathedral is also England’s newest, completed in 1910.


3. Mousehole

Such a quaint name for a fishing port, but where did the name come from? Some say because there was a hole/cave in the cliffs that looked like a mousehole, others that it derives from the Cornish word Moeshayle meaning ‘young woman’s brook’. Whichever it is, you pronounce it Mauzel.

Mousehole fishing port

4. Pasties contribute £150million to the local economy

That’s just the normal size ones. How much do you think they’d get for the record-breaking 1900lb, 15-foot long pasty that was made in Bodmin?

5. Cornwall was originally a Celtic nation

Alongside Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, Brittany and Galicia. Its Cornish name is Kernow.

landscape view

6. It’s very popular as a film/TV location

With Poldark, Taboo, Doc Martin, Jamaica Inn and Wycliffe among its headlining acts.

7. St Piran is Cornwall’s patron saint

And he is said to have been tied to a millstone, rolled off an Irish cliff and washed up in Cornwall. What a stroke of luck!


8. From the lucky to the not so lucky…

Bodmin gaol was the site of the last public hanging in Britain in 1907. The prison closed in 1922 and now the county is prison-free!

9. During the English Civil War, Cornwall remained Royalist.

The Battle of Lostwithiel occurred in 1644 with the Royalists taking Castle Dore, which is only 1/2mile from Trenython Manor.

10. Spooky!

A ghostly coach with headless horses is said to appear in Penryn just before Christmas each year. Avert your eyes or be spirited away…