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Fascinating facts about a land of mountain peaks, a history and heritage dating back millennia and nearly 800 coastal islands. CLC Duchally Country Estate is just one reason to visit…the kingdom of Alba, or Scotland as most of us know it.

Scotland landscape

1. Scotland is made up of 14 regions

And one of them, Perthshire, contains CLC Duchally Country Estate which places you in an ideal location to explore some of this country’s most fascinating history and culture.


2. The drink that’s synonymous with Scotland

The world over, first made an appearance in written records nearly 525 years ago! Accounting for over 4bn pounds worth of exports, it’s whisky (as in the Scottish spelling). There are more than 50 varieties of this tipple at the Duchally Country Estate Whisky Bar!

Duchally whisky bar

3. Why not coincide your stay at CLC World’s resort with a visit to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo?

More than 14 million have attended since its inaugural performance in 1950. The event, for charity, brings together mainly military organisations for its musical displays and takes place between 2 and 24 August, 2019.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

4. Within easy reach of the resort are venues for a game

Which is another Scottish first. This time it’s golf. The courses at the world-famous Gleneagles are only a few kilometres away while there’s also a discount if you play at the nearby Auchterarder course.

5. The native language of Scotland is Gaelic but it is currently classed as “endangered”.

That led the Scottish government in 2018/19 to pour more than £27m into trying to save it. Since 2005 it has been officially protected and promoted but the battle is far from won.

Glasgow City Chambers

6. Scotland’s larger lakes are known as lochs

And its most famous of course, is Loch Ness. Home to ‘Nessie’, numerous attempts, some of them hi-tech, have been made to locate this mythical inhabitant but without success…so far.

Loch Ness

7. Haggis. A vegetarian’s nightmare,

Haggis is traditionally made of the heart, lungs and liver of a sheep with onion, oatmeal and spices, all wrapped up in the animal’s stomach. Haggis cannot be exported to the United States following the ‘mad cow disease’ crisis which hit the UK in 1996.


8. The bagpipes,

Or Great Highland bagpipes to give them their correct name, are native to Scotland although pipes in various forms surface in many societies including in Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt!

 Great Highland bagpipes

9. The national flower of Scotland is the lowly thistle

Which has been the national emblem of the country since the 13th century. Legend has it that barefoot Norse invaders trying to sneak up on Scottish troops stood on the thistles and their screams alerted the defenders.

Lowly Thistle

10. The most famous of all Scottish festivals,

Celebrated by ex-pat communities all over the world, is Hogmanay or New Year’s Eve and the partying that continues into New Year’s Day. Linking arms and singing Auld Lang Syne is traditional, but do you know the words???

New Year's Eve