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CLC World’s commitment to providing memorable holiday experiences that far exceed expectations has been rewarded with 10 resorts earning TripAdvisor’s (TA) Certificate of Excellence in 2019.

Hall of Fame recipients, CLC Duchally Country Estate (Scotland) and CLC Monterey (Tenerife) were joined in the elite group by CLC Sunningdale Village (Tenerife), CLC San Diego Suites (Spain) and CLC Encantada (USA). To qualify for Hall of Fame status a resort must be awarded a Certificate of Excellence for 5 years running. CLC Duchally Country Estate and CLC Monterey have now received the prestigious award for a fantastic 9 consecutive years.

Certificates of Excellence, which are awarded for maintaining an overall TA bubble rating (a summary of ratings from guests who reviewed us) of at least 4 out of 5 and receiving a minimum number of reviews, were awarded to:

  • CLC Kusadasi Golf & Spa (Turkey)
  • CLC Alpine Centre (Austria)
  • CLC Apollonium Spa & Beach (Turkey)
  • CLC Paradise (Tenerife)
  • CLC Regal Oaks (USA)
  • CLC Duchally Country Estate (Scotland)
  • CLC Monterey (Tenerife)
  • CLC San Diego Suites (Spain)
  • CLC Encantada (USA)
  • CLC Sunningdale Village (Tenerife)
  • Our 2 restaurant listings, Zacary’s Bistro & Bar at CLC Sunningdale Village in Tenerife and Safari restaurant at California Beach in Spain have both been awarded Certificates of Excellence!

    Julian Houchin, Group Resorts Management Director, said: “Recognition from international traveller’s review site TripAdvisor is important in demonstrating our determination to exceed guest expectations. Guest feedback is essential in ensuring we meet our commitment to providing memorable and quality holiday experiences.

    “Thanks go to our staff who, with their dedication, professionalism and hard work provide the best holiday experience possible.

    “Finally, we would like to thank all our guests and Members for taking the time to post their reviews on TripAdvisor as, without you, these awards would not be possible.”