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There’s nothing quite as beneficial to workplace morale as an effective corporate retreat. Whether it’s a joint leadership event or a team-strengthening exercise, a good retreat gives all your colleagues the opportunity to bond, refresh perspectives and return to the office with a more focused and strengthened commitment to shared strategic goals.

Once your company has decided to plan a retreat, the next question remains: where to hold such a crucial event? One destination to bear in mind is Scotland. A land of breathtaking scenery, colourful history and its own unique culinary traditions, Scotland offers a whole range of features perfect for corporate retreats – from excursions in nature to cultural activities.

If you’ve settled on scheduling your company’s getaway in the land of whisky, heather and bagpipes, there’s one venue for your event that stands out above all the other luxury resorts in Scotland – CLC World’s Duchally Country Estate.

Set amidst the gorgeous countryside and gently sloping hills of Perthshire, the 19th-century Duchally Country Estate offers absolutely every ingredient you could ever imagine for the ideal corporate retreat.

Duchally Country Estate – Idyllic Retreat Site

One of the main factors that goes into putting on an efficient and well-received company retreat is finding just the right mix and type of activities and attractions that all the participants can engage in together. For this reason, resorts spacious enough to comfortably accommodate large groups – as well as those that boast a variety of facilities and natural settings – are often highly sought-after retreat sites.

CLC World’s Duchally Country Estate delivers on both counts. Constructed in 1838, this resort sits on an expansive 27 acres of parkland in the heart of Scotland’s glorious Perthshire. Although located in a region removed from the hustle, bustle and distractions of everyday life, Duchally Country Estate is nevertheless easily accessible from the relatively nearby hubs of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Every retreat participant – from C-suite executives to recent recruits – will undoubtedly feel like an integral part of the team as they settle into the sumptuous rooms or sleek, contemporary lodges of Duchally Country Estate, which is regularly heralded as one of the best luxury resorts in Scotland.

In addition, meals together will be a dream when shared at Duchally Country Estate’s Monteaths Restaurant, which serves up delectable dishes sourced from fresh local produce. To round off a long, productive day of retreat events, the entire crew can head to the resort’s Whisky Bar, where everyone can sample up to 50 varieties of the region’s smoothest and most acclaimed whiskys.

When it comes to the much-needed corporate retreat elements of recreation, entertainment and team building – Duchally Country Estate boasts a wide array of first-rate options to help you set your schedule.

Swim in the resort’s indoor pool. Cycle through the surrounding Scottish countryside on mountain bikes. Hike through Duchally Country Estate’s grounds or further afield in the rugged Perthshire hills. Take advantage of Scotland’s beloved native pastime, as you tee off together on one of the nearby emerald golf courses. Fish in streams and lakes situated amidst some of the most exquisite scenery you’re ever likely to come across.

Surely, after a corporate retreat at Duchally Country Estate in Scotland, the whole team will return to the office with a more cohesive outlook and a renewed sense of purpose.